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Best SIM deals for kids and teenagers

8th January 2019

Choosing a SIM only deal for a child or teenager can be daunting, so to help you out we've picked some of the best deals on the market for youngsters.

In selecting these deals we've considered several factors that are very important when choosing a plan including: parental controls, spending caps, contract lengths, price and additional extras.

Without further ado here are the best SIM Only deals for kids and teenagers.

1. Three Mobile 

Unlimited Snapchat, Netflix, Apple Music and More

Three mobile are worthy of  consideration because they offer Go Binge plans which offer unlimited streaming on Apple Music, Deezer, Netflix, Lifetime, Snapchat, Soundcloud and TV Player. Go Binge comes with all Advanced plans with greater than 12GB or more of data.

Wuntu is another benefit on Three and this gives customers free rewards, including: free pizza, discounted cinema tickets and much more. You can also pickup truly unlimited data plans on Three with no speed caps on Pay Monthly and PAYG plans.

Adult filters are also available so that users can't use more data than their monthly allowances and it's possible to block calls to numbers outside of a bundle (such as premium numbers).

Recommended Three Deal

Three SIM Card

8GB data

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

£10 a month

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12 Month plan. Includes Tethering, Go Binge, Worldwide Roaming and Wuntu

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2. Tesco Mobile

Child Filters and Capped Contracts Turned On

If safety is one of your main concerns then Tesco Mobile, who use O2's network, are a good choice to consider.

By default all users can only access content designed for under 18 year olds. This can only be turned off by credit card verification. Spending caps also come activated by default, avoiding any unexpected high bills with both 30 day and 12 months plans available.

Recommended Tesco Mobile Deal

Three SIM Card

1GB data

500 mins

5000 texts

£7.50 a month

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12 Month plan. Includes Roaming

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3. EE Mobile 

Free BT Sport and Apple Music

Currently EE are offering BT Sport free for 3 months and Apple Music free for 6 months on SIM Only plans. If you wish to continue these beyond the free period Apple Music costs £9.99 and the BT Sport app costs £5 a month.

Adult filters are also available and you can enable a credit limit on the account to limit spending.

Recommended EE Deal

Three SIM Card

20GB data

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

£20 a month

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12 Month plan. Includes BT Sport for 3 months, Apple Music for 6 months and EU Roaming

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Unlimited Social Networking and Video/Music Add-ons

VOXI mobile uses Vodafone's 4G mobile network and users can enjoy endless social media on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Viber and Facebook Messenger.

They also offer Endless Video passes for £7 a month. This enables unlimited use on Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, Disney Life. My5, TVPlayer, Vevo and UKTV Play. But it doesn't end there because with a £5 a month you can get an Endless Music pass which gives you unlimited use on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud, Amazon Music and Napster.

Spending caps are set by default and adult filters are also available. 

Recommended VOXI Deal

Three SIM Card

6GB data

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

£10 a month

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30 day plan. Includes Endless Social Media, Tethering and Roaming

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5. iD Mobile

Data rollover and Spending Caps

ID Mobile stands out from the crowd by offering data rollover meaning that unused data will be added to next month’s allowance. All plans also come with spending caps, so you won't be hit by any unexpected bills.

Content restrictions are also easily added by logging into the account and turning them on.

Recommended iD Mobile Deal

Three SIM Card

10GB data

1200 mins

Unlimited texts

£12 a month

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1 Month plan. Includes Data Rollover, Spending Caps and EU Roaming

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Considerations when choosing a deal

  • Spending caps

These are caps offered by some networks which prevent you spending more than a set amount, so there’s no danger of your child accidentally racking up big bills. Some networks have them set by default whilst others require you to manually switch them on and the rest don’t offer this option.

  • Parental controls

Another thing you might want to consider, especially with younger children, is parental controls. Basic controls, such as blocking adult content, are offered by a number of networks, and you can block in-app purchases in the Google Play or iTunes.

  • Allowances

When buying a SIM deal for a child or teenager you should consider how much data and minutes they actually need, and how much you’re comfortable with them using.

If their phone is largely to be used as an entertainment device – for example to watch YouTube or Netflix videos, then you might want a high allowance for them, especially if much of this usage will be happening away from home. In that case, consider 10GB or more.

But if you want them using it as a way to stay in touch with you then a far smaller data allowance should be adequate. You’ll still want some, especially if you plan to communicate with them by WhatsApp or the like, but 1-2GB should be plenty, and will limit their ability to over-use their phone.

  • Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go

Pay Monthly plans offer better value, come with additional extras not available on Pay As You Go and eliminates the need to top-up on a regular basis. Stick to a 30-day plan with spending caps and SIM Only is just about as flexible and as difficult to over-spend as Pay As You Go.

Pay As You Go plans give you total control over your child’s usage and spend, although one consideration is that your child may run out of credit and can't contact you.

  • Contract length

It's also worth considering how long you want to be tied in for. If getting your child a SIM plan is more of an experiment, or if you’re not sure what kind of allowances to go for, it could well be worth going for a 30 day  plan. This gives you the flexibility to easily change or cancel when needed. However, in our opinion, 12 month contracts offer the best value for money.

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