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VOXI SIM Only Plans

VOXI SIM Only plans are great value starting at just £10 a month and come with endless social media. They also offer excellent coverage and speeds as VOXI is run by Vodafone.

  • Uses Vodafone's network
  • Use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Pinterest and Viber without using your data
  • Cancel plans at any time
  • Free roaming in 48 countries
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Micro SIM card

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano)

6GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts
£10.00 a month 1 month contract Voxi Voxi See Deal
Endless Social Media
Micro SIM card

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano)

15GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts
£15.00 a month 1 month contract Voxi Voxi See Deal
Endless Social Media
Micro SIM card

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano)

45GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts
£20.00 a month 1 month contract Voxi Voxi See Deal
Endless Social Media
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Voxi sim only

VOXI is a relatively new name in UK mobile networks. It’s run by Vodafone, so it has access to the network’s infrastructure and comprehensive 4G coverage, but also lets you use most popular forms of social media without it coming out of your data allowance.

We’ll explain that in more detail below, as well as taking a closer look at VOXI’s SIM Only plans (which are the only type of plans it currently offers). But free social media isn’t the only plus point to VOXI. The network’s main benefits include:

  • Unlimited social media use
  • Short term, flexible plans
  • Free roaming in Europe
  • Inclusive tethering
  • Rewards for recruiting friends
  • Endless calls and texts
  • Unlimited music and video (*optional extra)

VOXI's Free Social Media

What does unlimited free social media use really mean?

If you’re considering VOXI then a big part of the reason is probably its free social media use, but what do we actually mean by that?

It’s simple: VOXI lets you use data on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Viber and Facebook Messenger without it coming out of your allowance. There’s no limit to how much you can use, so you could spend all day every day messaging on these services and your data wouldn’t drop at all.

That means if social media is your main data use then you should be absolutely fine on even the smallest 6GB VOXI plan.

The only real caveat is that you need some data left to use social media. So if you use all your data streaming Netflix for example you won’t then be able to chat on Facebook Messenger. But as long as you have at least 1 megabyte left you’ll be able to chat as much as you want.

And if you run out you can always top up, with an additional 1GB costing you £3. 

It’s also worth noting that making and receiving voice and video calls on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram isn’t included. You can however use your endless social data for voice and video calls on Viber.

Other Benefits of VOXI

VOXI has a number of benefits beyond its endless social media. For one thing, the network’s plans are all just 30 days, so they have more flexibility than some networks. That makes it great for students, whose finances and needs might regularly change. These plans also all come with unlimited calls, texts and picture messages.

You can also use as much of your data as you want each month towards tethering (sharing your phone’s connection with a tablet, computer or other device to get it online.) Better yet, if you tether to a phone, laptop or tablet then you’ll be able to make use of your endless social data on the tethered device as well.

And VOXI lets you add a music or video pass to your plan. The video pass lets you use unlimited data for Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Disney Life, My5, TV Player and UKTV Play for £7 per month, while the music pass lets you do this with Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, SoundCloud and Napster for £5 per month.

Plus, you can roam for free across most of Europe - although that’s true of most UK networks.

Finally, VOXI also rewards you for recruiting friends to the network. For each friend who joins on your referral you’ll get a £10 Amazon gift card - and so will they.

Of course, you also get 4G as standard on VOXI, and the company has even announced plans to start offering 5G from some point in 2019, making it a compelling network all round.


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