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Network Coverage and Review


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Our mobile partners

We work with the following UK mobile network operators: 

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We work with the UK’s leading and most respected mobile operators and retailers which means you can rest assured that your full rights for any purchase you make are the same as when buying direct – including pricing, refunds and product returns.

We do all the hard work for you by checking out mobile deals every day to ensure you get the cheapest deal available at that moment in time. We have been comparing mobile deals for over 8 years and are proud to offer you a totally independent comparison of thousands of deals.

Sometimes we offer “exclusive online deals” which means that you can purchase at a lower price than going direct. At all other times, our pricing is exactly the same as buying direct from the mobile operator or retailer.

Price comparison: phones and SIMs

  • Mobile phone deals

Our comparison tool compares 4G and 5G phones at the same time or by using the filters you can compare only 5G phones. If you know which phone you like, then you can compare deals for that one phone too.

We compare both pay monthly and PAY Go phones and would recommend a 5G phone over a 4G phone, to future-proof your purchase.

  • SIM only deals

Comparing SIM only deals are nearly the same as for phones. However, there are three categories of SIM offerings: voice text and data, data only SIM and unlimited data SIMs.

We recommend a 5G SIM as it will also work in a 4G phone whilst a 4G phone will not work with a 5G SIM – again future proofing your decision.

Price comparison : home and mobile broadband

Home broadband and mobile broadband are all the rage now with many employees working from home and they need internet. There is no need for a pricey landing and no need for an installer. Home and mobile broadband are akin to “plug and play”.

  • Home broadband deals

Home broadband uses a mobile signal (4G or 5G) and eliminates the need for a landline whether its a fibre optic cable or phone line. Of course, home broadband has both advantages and disadvantages but the advantages well out way the disadvantages.

With home broadband you can share your internet with up to 64 devices and the good news is that many mobile operators now offer unlimited data with home broadband.

  • Mobile broadband deals

Mobile broadband also uses a mobile signal (4G or 5G) as above. The difference here is that you can take the hub anywhere as long as you have a decent signal. Unlimited data is also with mobile broadband.

Coverage and Networks

Choosing the right network is very important to ensure you get the best network coverage and fastest speeds.

We've made it easy to compare coverage on all networks, including EEO2ThreeVodafoneiD Mobile and many more. You'll also find important information about each network, including tethering and roaming policies.

Our price comparison expertise

We operate and maintain three price comparison websites, all of which target the mobile deals sector including: mobile phone deals, SIM deals, home and mobile broadband and of course mobile plans.

4G.co.uk was launched in 2010 and is run by a very experienced team of telecom professionals, all of whom are still working for the company some 11 years later.

Our aim from the start was to provide an easy and quick way to compare mobile network coverage and mobile phone and SIM prices. Both these objectives have been achieved and our price comparison website has now been live for over 8 years.

In support of the above we write and maintain a suite of guides and product reviews, written by our experienced technical writers, and these assist users when checking network coverage and the buying process itself.

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