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Tesco Mobile Unlimited Data deals

Tesco Mobile unlimited data SIM Only deals

  • Save on an unlimited data SIM Only deal on Tesco Mobile
  • A selection of great value plans
  • Choose from a 1-month, 12-month or 24-month plan
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Micro SIM card

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano)

Tesco Mobile
Unlimited Data Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts
£25.00 a month 24 month contract Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile See Deal
EU Roaming 5G
Micro SIM card

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano)

Tesco Mobile
Unlimited Data Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts
£30.00 a month 12 month contract Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile See Deal
EU Roaming 5G
Micro SIM card

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano)

Tesco Mobile
Unlimited Data Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts
£30.00 a month 1 month contract Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile See Deal
Add family members for £10 a month EU Roaming 5G
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  • Overview

What unlimited data plans does Tesco Mobile offer?

Tesco Mobile offers three different unlimited data SIM Only plans, giving you more choice than a lot of networks.

The difference between these plans is primarily just the duration, with one being a 1-month rolling contract, one lasting for 12 months, and one locking you in for 24 months.

The 24-month plan has a lower monthly cost than the 12-month one or the 1-month one, so it’s a great option if you’re happy to commit for that long.

The 1–month plan of course gives you a lot more flexibility, but it’s also a bit different, because while the initial plan costs £30 per month at the time writing, it’s designed as a ‘Family Pack’, meaning you can add up to four additional people for just £10 each per month.

Whichever unlimited data plan you choose, you’ll also get 5G, unlimited minutes and texts, and free EU roaming until at least the end of 2023.

Why should I choose Tesco Mobile unlimited data?

For one thing, there’s a lot of choice on Tesco Mobile, with three different unlimited data SIM Only plan durations to choose from, and the option of a family plan – which can save you a lot of money if you have multiple people signing up.

Tesco Mobile is good value in the first place though, and it’s an O2 MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), which means it has 5G coverage and 4G coverage in all the same places as O2.

The addition of free EU roaming is also handy, as a lot of networks now charge customers to roam.

Is Tesco Mobile unlimited data really unlimited?

Yes, Tesco Mobile’s unlimited data plans really do offer unlimited data. So unlike some networks there aren’t any fair usage caps or restrictions – as long as your use is legal and non-commercial.

Even when abroad, the network doesn’t have any real data use limits at the time of writing, aside from the fact that you should use its service more in the UK than in a roaming destination.

Can you tether with Tesco Mobile unlimited data?

Yes, Tesco Mobile allows tethering and if you’re on an unlimited data plan then there’s no limit to the amount of data you can use for this.

That means you can use your phone and its data connection to get any other gadgets such as laptops and tablets online, which is ideal when there’s no Wi-Fi available, or when there’s only slow public Wi-Fi.

Can you use Tesco Mobile unlimited data abroad?

Yes, Tesco Mobile lets you roam abroad at no extra cost in 48 European destinations. There’s no limit to how much data you can use from your allowance when abroad either, but note that over a rolling four-month period, your handset should be used in the UK for more than two months.

This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, it’s basically just so Tesco can ensure that you don’t in fact live abroad.

Tesco Mobile’s roaming terms are far more generous than most networks, as typically there is a fair use data limit when roaming, and many networks also charge for roaming. Note however that Tesco Mobile only promises to retain free roaming until the end of 2023, so it’s possible that charges will be brought in from 2024.

Can you get unlimited data on Tesco Mobile Pay As You Go?

No, while Tesco Mobile does offer Pay As You Go plans, its Pay As You Go packs top out at 100GB of data at the time of writing. However, it offers a 30-day SIM Only plan with unlimited data, which would give you almost as much flexibility as a Pay As You Go pack.

Are there any alternatives?

Loads of other networks offer unlimited data plans aside from Tesco Mobile. Networks with these plans include Three, EE, O2, Vodafone, Asda Mobile, Giffgaff, Lebara, Lyca Mobile, iD Mobile, Smarty, Virgin Mobile, and VOXI.

To find out more about unlimited data plans on these networks, check out our full unlimited data guide.

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