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Three Home Broadband Deals

  • No need for a landline with Three home broadband
  • Share internet with up to 64 devices over WiFi
  • Ethernet available for wired connections
  • Portable as long as you have mains power
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Three 5G Broadband

Unlimited Data
£22.00 a month 24 month contract Three See Deal
Free for 3 months 5G
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Three 4G Broadband

Unlimited Data
£22.00 a month 24 month contract Three See Deal
Free for 3 months
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Three 5G Broadband

Unlimited Data
£25.00 a month 1 month contract Three See Deal
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Three 5G Broadband
Three 4G Broadband
Three 4G Plus Hub

What is Three home broadband?

Three home broadband is the selection of home broadband offerings powered by Three’s network. So you can get both 5G home broadband and 4G home broadband, and whichever one you choose, you’ll receive a router – just like with fibre broadband – which creates a Wi-Fi network powered by 5G or 4G.

Where it differs to fibre broadband is that the signal reaches the router wirelessly, from a nearby mast, rather than through cables. This different approach also means you don’t need a landline or engineer to set up Three home broadband. It’s virtually just plug-and-play, and with next day delivery offered too you can be up and running in no time.

It’s not likely to be quite as fast as the speediest full fibre option, but 5G home broadband can come close.

Note that this is different to mobile broadband, which is a similar idea to 4G or 5G home broadband, but typically uses a battery-powered router, so you can take a Wi-Fi network with you wherever you go. Home broadband on the other hand requires mains power, and is designed for bringing internet to a large number of devices 24/7.

Why would I need it?

There are any number of reasons you might need or want Three home broadband. For one thing, not everywhere has fast fibre broadband available, particularly some rural locations. So if that applies to you but you do have a 4G or 5G signal, then Three home broadband could be a faster option.

But with average download speeds of 150Mbps, 5G home broadband can be a very fast option even in urban locations that do have high fibre speeds.

As noted above, there’s also no need for a landline with Three home broadband, so if you don’t use yours then you can get rid of it and save some money, and Three’s home broadband plans are very competitively priced, often undercutting both fibre broadband and rival networks.

You might also want Three home broadband if you want to get your broadband up and running quickly, since there’s no need for an engineer or any complicated setup processes. And because it’s plug-and-play you can bring Three home broadband with you when you move house, or even if you’re just going on holiday and want to ensure there’s a fast Wi-Fi connection where you’re staying.

What devices are available on Three home broadband?

Three Home Broadband Routers


Three 4G Home Broadband

Three 4G Hub

(or ZTE MF286D)

Three 5G Home Broadband

(or Zyxel NR5103E)

Max Download Speeds

Up to 600Mbps

Up to 4.7Gbps

Max Upload Speeds

Up to 150Mbps

Up to 2.5Gbps

Maximum Connected devices




Dual Band 802.11ac

(2.4GHz and 5GHz)

Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (Wi-Fi 6) 4 x 4 MIMO

Ethernet Ports



External Antenna 

Yes x2 (sold separately)

Yes x4 (sold separately)


Three 4G Home

Broadband Review

Three 5G Home Broadband Review

With Three, you have a choice of Three 4G Broadband or Three 5G Broadband. Choose the latter of those and you’ll get sent a Three 5G Hub, which supports download speeds of up to 4.7Gbps (though Three only officially supports speeds of up to 1Gbps with it).

Either way though, that’s incredibly fast, and this also supports 64 simultaneous device connections, has two Ethernet ports, and has external antenna ports, so you can add an antenna if you need help connecting to a distant signal.

Pick Three 4G Broadband and you’ll be sent the Three 4G Hub, which tops out at much lower speeds since it’s a 4G device, but can still be quite speedy if you have a good 4G signal. This can also get up to 64 gadgets online and has antenna ports, along with an impressive four Ethernet ports, making it a good choice if you have a number of devices that you want to provide a wired connection to.

Three mobile coverage

It’s very likely that Three will be able to provide you with 4G home broadband, as it has 99.8% UK population coverage with 4G.

It’s less likely to be able to offer you 5G home broadband but there’s still a very high chance that it can, as it has 5G coverage in over 60% of the UK outdoors, and that figure is improving all the time.

You can try Three’s home broadband risk free though, because the network offers a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you find you don’t have good enough coverage or speeds, you can cancel your plan and return the supplied hardware for a full refund.

Who else offers home broadband?

As well as Three, you can also get 4G or 5G home broadband from EE and Vodafone. You’ll also find this service offered by National Broadband, which will connect you using the network with the best coverage in your home.

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