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Why choose a Tesco Mobile phone contract?

Tesco Mobile uses O2’s infrastructure, which means that where O2 has coverage Tesco Mobile does too. That’s good news, as O2 has comprehensive 3G coverage, along with over 70% population coverage for 4G.

But why pick Tesco Mobile over O2? Simply because it often has great value tariffs, which regularly undercut many other networks.

Tesco Mobile is also rare among networks in that it offers 18-month SIM-only deals (as well as 12-month and 30-day ones). These longer contracts can save you even more money.

Added extras

Tesco Mobile has an optional Tesco Mobile Xtras service, which will cut £3 off your monthly bill for viewing adverts and offers on your lock screen.

Tesco Mobile also caps your contract, so your bill can’t unexpectedly rise through you exceeding your allowances.

Data roaming

Tesco Mobile charges just 4p per megabyte of data when used in Europe. Similarly, you’ll be charged 4p per minute and 1p per text in many locations.


Tesco Mobile allows you to use any or all of your monthly data allowance for tethering (also known as a portable, personal or mobile hotspot), meaning you can get laptops, tablets and more online using your phone’s data.

How can I keep my number when switching?

Simply request your PAC code from the network you’re leaving, then, once your Tesco Mobile account is active, text PORT to 23424 from your temporary Tesco Mobile number.

You’ll get two texts in reply – one asking for the number you want to keep, and the other for your PAC code. Respond to these and you’ll get a final text with the date that the port will happen – this text will arrive within 24 hours to the number you told them you want to keep. Alternatively, you can fill in this form.

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