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O2 Mobile Broadband Deals

  • Great deals on O2 Mobile WiFi dongles
  • Portable battery-powered devices you can take anywhere
  • Share internet with up to 32 devices
  • No need for a landline or mains power

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Why choose O2 mobile broadband?

O2 has around 99% UK population coverage with 4G, which means however mobile you are, your broadband is likely to be able to get a connection.

O2 also has plenty of 3G coverage, with coverage growing all the time and 5G on the way. In fact, O2 won ‘Best Network Coverage’ in the uSwitch Mobile Awards 2019, so you can be sure the network won’t let you down in that sense.

And O2 offers extremely customizable plans with mobile broadband, coming on between a 3 and 36-month contract, with a wide range of data limits and upfront/monthly costs, so you can tailor one to your needs and budget.

A choice of devices

O2 also offers a number of different mobile broadband devices, from power-packed ones that can get up to 20 devices online at once wirelessly, to USB stick ones that are tiny and simply plug into a USB port to get a laptop or other compatible device online.

O2 Wi-Fi

As an O2 customer you’ll also have access to its network of over 16,000 Wi-Fi networks across the UK, so in many places you won’t even need your mobile broadband to get your devices online.

How do I get set up?

Simply activate the supplied SIM card, pop it in your broadband device and turn the device on (or plug it in to a USB port). Depending on the device you choose the steps may vary slightly, but should remain simple, and instructions will be provided.

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