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Voxi Unlimited Data plans

VOXI unlimited data SIM Only deals

  • Save on an unlimited data SIM Only deal on VOXI
  • 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling included
  • Flexible 30-day plans
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VOXI SIM Deal Uses Vodafone's network

No contract

unlimited minutes

unlimited texts


5G data


a month

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  • Overview

What unlimited data plans does VOXI offer?

VOXI offers a single unlimited data deal, but it’s one that’s designed to be maximally appealing to all SIM Only customers.

It’s a 30-day plan, so you’re not tied into a long contract, leaving you free to change to a different plan or cancel your plan at any time, and yet it also comes in at a competitively low price. Plus, VOXI’s unlimited data SIM Only plan supports 5G, Wi-Fi Calling, and 4G Calling, and it comes with unlimited minutes and texts.

Why should I choose VOXI unlimited data?

VOXI is owned by Vodafone, so it has the might of a big network behind it and shares Vodafone’s coverage – including its 5G coverage. Yet its prices also generally undercut Vodafone’s, making it an appealing prospect for anyone who wants to snag a bargain.

Unlike some unlimited data plans, VOXI’s also doesn’t make you sign up for a lengthy 12, 18, or 24-month contract, so it’s extremely flexible.

Plus, you get premium perks like Wi-Fi Calling, 4G Calling, and Visual Voicemail, which are things that not every network offers.

Is VOXI unlimited data really unlimited?

Yes, VOXI’s unlimited data plan offers genuinely unlimited data in the UK, so you can browse the internet, stream music and video, download apps, make video calls, and do anything else that uses data as much as you want, without being in any danger of running out.

That’s worth noting, because a number of networks do have fair usage restrictions in the UK, limiting the amount of data you can use, while others limit your speeds, and there are no speed caps on VOXI either.

Note however that when roaming there’s a 20GB fair usage limit, but that’s in line with a lot of other networks.

Can you tether with VOXI unlimited data?

Yes, VOXI allows tethering and you can use an unlimited amount of data for this if you have an unlimited data plan.

That means you can use your phone to broadcast a Wi-Fi network and get other things online, such as tablets and laptops. It’s ideal when you’re away from home and a handy backup for when your home Wi-Fi goes down.

Can you use VOXI unlimited data abroad?

VOXI has a fair usage limit of 20GB when roaming abroad, so this is the one situation where you can’t use unlimited data.

On top of that, you’ll need to purchase a European Roaming Pass to use your allowances when outside the UK, but these passes are affordably priced.

Can you get unlimited data on VOXI Pay As You Go?

VOXI doesn’t offer any Pay As You Go services, but since its SIM Only plans are just 30 days long, these are almost the same as a Pay As You Go pack, and you can get unlimited data on VOXI SIM Only.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes, you’re not limited to VOXI for unlimited data plans. You can also get unlimited data with Three, EE, O2, Vodafone, Asda Mobile, Giffgaff, iD Mobile, Lebara, Lyca Mobile, Smarty, Talkmobile, and Tesco Mobile.

For more information on unlimited data plans across all of these networks, check out our full unlimited data guide.

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