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Best multi-network SIM deals

1st February 2024

Multi-Network SIM plans

When buying a SIM card, you might think you have to choose a specific network and therefore be limited by that network’s coverage, but in fact there’s another option – you could get a multi-network SIM deal.

A multi-network SIM is one that works across multiple or more often all UK networks (so some combination of EE, Three, Vodafone, and O2). It can seamlessly switch between networks depending on which has the best coverage where you are.

The upshot is that you’ll almost never be without some coverage, and will always have the best possible coverage in a given area. So these can be a great choice for anyone, but are especially useful for hikers or other people who spend a lot of time in rural areas, or simply anyone who travels the UK extensively.

There aren’t many companies offering multi-network SIM deals to consumers, as most are aimed at businesses or Internet of Things (IoT) devices, but there are a couple of options, which we’ve detailed below.

Anywhere SIM

Anywhere SIM

The main multi-network SIM option is Anywhere SIM, which lets you roam seamlessly across all four of the UK’s major networks.

There are a variety of SIM Only deals available on this network, but the main difference is just how much credit they come pre-loaded with – with options ranging from £10 to £60. Calls on Anywhere SIM cost 10p per minute, while texts cost 5p each, and data costs 10p per megabyte.

So these are essentially Pay As You Go plans rather than SIM Only contracts, you just choose how much credit you want to start with, and how long you want service on the SIM for (with options ranging from one month to one year).

Alternatively, you can choose a data-only SIM, which comes with between 10GB and 120GB total, and that allowance must be used in between one month and 12 months (depending on which plan you choose).

Downsides of Anywhere SIM include the price, as you pay a premium to be able to seamlessly switch networks. Anywhere SIM also doesn’t currently offer 5G, and nor does it allow roaming outside the EU at the time of writing – though it claims that will be available soon.


Parent Shield

The other option for a multi-network SIM deal is ParentShield, but this is a bit different in that it’s designed specifically for children.

As with Anywhere SIM, it works across all four major UK networks, and it also does a similar thing when roaming, with 157 networks across Europe supported.

Beyond this, ParentShield offers various tools aimed at keeping kids safe while they use their phone, such as the ability to automatically block all anonymous calls, the ability to store texts and call recordings online so you can review them, and the ability to add time controls, limiting when a child can actually use the phone, among other things.

So ParentShield probably isn’t the network for you, but it might be the network for your kids if you’re trying to work out how to keep them contactable while keeping them safe, as ParentShield's plans rank among the best SIM card deals for kids.

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