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Cheapest 30-day SIM only deals

25th October 2019

30 Day SIM deals

Contracts can sometimes save you money, but being tied in for anywhere from 12 to 24 months isn’t always ideal. That’s where 30-day SIM only deals come in. You’re free to change network with no more than a month’s notice and you’re not paying out for a new phone.

There are some great 30 days SIM only plans on the market with pricing starting from just £5 a month.

1. iD Mobile - From £4 a month

iD Mobile has the cheapest 30-day SIM only offer around, at just £4 per month for 1GB of 4G data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts.

iD Mobile is owned by the Carphone Warehouse and uses Three's network. All plans come with data rollover so any ununused data will be added to the next months allowance. While, they also come with spending caps and free roaming in the EU.

iD Mobile 30 day SIM Only
iD Mobile SIM Card

250MB data

150 minutes

Unlimited texts


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2. GiffGaff - From £6.00 a month

GiffGaff use O2's mobile network and offer a range of SIM plans, which don't lock you into a contract and are effectively Pay As You Go bundles.

For just £6 a month you can get 500MB data, 300 minutes and 500 texts, which lasts for 30 days. You'll also get EU roaming and tethering included.

GiffGaff 30 Day SIM Only
GiffGaff SIM Card

500MB data

300 minutes

500 texts


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3. SMARTY - From £6.25 a month

SMARTY is a great value mobile network run and operated by Three.

They offer a plan with 500MB data, unlimited mins and unlimited texts for just £6.25 a month and just like other Smarty plans you get money back for any unused data (£1.25 per GB).

All plans also come with tethering and free EU roaming on all plans.

Smarty Mobile 30 day SIM Only
Smarty SIM Card

1GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts


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4. Plusnet Mobile - From £7.50 a month

Plusnet Mobile use EE's mobile network and have a range of 30 day SIM plans available starting from just £7.00 a month which comes with 2.5GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

One of the major selling points the widespread coverage of EE's network, while other positives include tethering and free EU roaming.

Plusnet 30 day SIM Only
Plusnet SIM Card

3GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts


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There are a vast range of 30 day SIM deals on the market, but we've picked out the cheapest for you. However, it's always worth comparing SIM Only deals to make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

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