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VOXI vs Vodafone

23rd November 2023

Voxi vs Vodafone

VOXI is owned by Vodafone, so you might expect the two networks to be quite similar, and while they are in some ways, they’re also hugely different in others.

That makes sense – if they were too similar then there would be no reason for VOXI to exist, but if you’re choosing between VOXI and Vodafone then there are a lot of factors to consider, with each network having advantages over the other.

Below then you’ll find an overview of the key differences between VOXI and Vodafone, followed by a brief look at the ways in which these networks aren’t so different.

VOXI is cheaper

VOXI’s main reason for existing seems to be as a cheaper alternative to Vodafone. So if you don’t want – or can’t afford – to splash out on a premium network like Vodafone, you can get the same coverage with VOXI for less money.

As an example, VOXI’s most expensive SIM Only plan (which lasts 30 days and includes unlimited 5G data), costs £35 per month at the time of writing. The equivalent plan on Vodafone costs £44.

So in that example, Vodafone costs over 25% more than VOXI. There are ways to bring Vodafone’s prices down, by choosing slower data or a longer-term contract for example, and the difference in price won’t necessarily be the same for every plan, but that gives you an idea of the sorts of savings you can get by choosing VOXI.

SIM Only Deals

Micro SIM card

SIM Only

20GB DataUnlimited MinsUnlimited Texts
£12.00 a month1 month contractVOXISee Deal
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90GB DataUnlimited MinsUnlimited Texts
£15.00 a monthNo contractVOXISee Deal
Unlimited Social + Video + Music5G
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15GB DataUnlimited MinsUnlimited Texts
£10.00 a monthNo contractVOXISee Deal
Unlimited Social Media5G

VOXI doesn’t have contracts

One interesting aspect of VOXI is that it doesn’t do contracts. All of its SIM Only plans are just 30 days long, so these aren’t classed as contracts because you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

While Vodafone also has some 30-day plans, most of its plans are much longer and do tie you into a contract.

It’s worth noting here that you can buy phones on VOXI, which can be paid off over 30 months, but this is a loan rather than a contract, and whatever allowances you choose will still be on a rolling 30-day plan.

VOXI gives you unlimited social media and videos

Despite being a cheap network, VOXI has some extras that you won’t find elsewhere. Specifically, all of its plans except for the unlimited data one let you use select social media apps and sites without the use affecting your data allowance. The apps in question are Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook Messenger.

Similarly, most of VOXI’s plans include unlimited use of select video streaming services without it coming out of your data allowance. These services include YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, TikTok, and My5.

The same selection of plans also gives you unlimited music streaming with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Napster and Primordial. Note however that subscriptions to these services aren’t included.

In any case, the upshot of this is that your data can potentially go a lot further with VOXI, so you’re less likely to even feel the need for unlimited data.

VOXI won’t credit check you for its plans

Because VOXI doesn’t have contracts, it also doesn’t credit check you for its SIM Only plans, making it a great choice for those with poor credit (though getting a phone on finance will still require a credit check).

With Vodafone you can only avoid credit checks by choosing to Pay As You Go, so it’s not as good an option for those concerned about a credit check.

Vodafone has far more plan types

VOXI keeps things quite simple and streamlined, by only offering 30-day SIM Only plans, coupled with a selection of phones. Vodafone on the other hand offers SIM Only plans with 30-day, 12-month, and 24-month durations, plus phones on contract, Pay As You Go, tablets, mobile broadband, home broadband, smartwatches, and business plans.

So there’s a lot there, with loads of different plan types, durations, and hardware available. If you’re not after one of the handful of things VOXI offers, then Vodafone is likely to suit you better.

Vodafone gives you VeryMe Rewards

Vodafone joins the likes of Three and O2 in offering a rewards app, in this case dubbed VeryMe Rewards. Through this, Vodafone customers can access treats, offers, prize draws, and discounts from various other brands.

The selection of offers changes regularly, so you’re sure to at least sometimes find something appealing.

Vodafone offers entertainment subscriptions

Vodafone’s most premium perk is the option to get a subscription to an entertainment service with some plans.

You can choose between Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium, or Amazon Prime, and the subscription lasts for the length of your contract. Note however that these aren’t free extras as such, because they’re only available on pricier plans.

Some Vodafone plans let you roam at no extra cost

Many networks have now started charging for roaming, including VOXI. Vodafone charges as standard too, but select plans let you roam at no extra cost. However, as with Vodafone’s entertainment subscriptions, this perk is only available on pricier plans, so you are essentially still paying to roam, it’s just hidden in the price of the contract.

Vodafone lets you roam further

As well as offering inclusive roaming on some plans, Vodafone’s very top tier plans include roaming in 83 destinations, covering not just Europe but a number of worldwide locations too.

Not only is roaming not inclusive on VOXI, but its roaming passes are more expensive outside Europe, costing £15 for eight days or £25 for 15 days, and limiting you to a low level of data.

Lots of other things are the same on both networks

The above things are the key differences between VOXI and Vodafone, but most other things are the same on both networks.

The two networks offer identical coverage, 5G, plans with unlimited data, Wi-Fi Calling, 4G Calling, and tethering. So if those are your main concerns then there’s little to choose between the two.

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