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Vodafone's 4G service reaches Newport Pagnell area in Milton Keynes

26th June 2017

Vodaone 4G Milton Keynes


Vodafone announced that it has introduced 4G services in the Newport Pagnell area in Milton Keynes.

The announcement comes more than a year after Vodafone introduced 4G services in the north of Milton Keynes.

The introduction of 4G in the Newport Pagnell area is part of Vodafone's ambitious network resilience programme through which the network aims to provide 'reliable coverage in rural not-spots' across the country. Since 2014, the company has invested £2 billion in the programme and in the period, has succeeded in establishing 4G services in many previously-uncovered regions.

A number of regions that have already benefited from Vodafone's network resilience programme include the Shetland Islands, villages in Devon, the Isles of Scilly, Bletchley, and North Milton Keynes.

With the introduction of 4G in the Newport Pagnell area, Vodafone aims to improve the streaming experience and also offer faster upload and download speeds to its subscribers in the area. Residents will be able to upgrade to 4G services without paying anything extra and will also be able to avail free subscriptions to Vodafone's partner services.

Despite pouring in huge investments, Vodafone is the last among the four big networks to introduce 4G in the Newport Pagnell area. Other networks like EE, O2 and Three are presently offering both indoor and outdoor 4G services in the area. O2 started offering 4G services in the area as far back as in 2014.

Aside from ensuring 4G coverage across 913 cities and towns in the UK, Vodafone is also offering a 'Rural Open Sure Signal programme' which is aimed at bringing 3G coverage to 100 remote communities across the UK. In January of this year, The Wortwell Bell Inn in South Norfolk became the first community hub to receive indoor 3G coverage under the programme.

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