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Get free Netflix and twice the data on select O2 plans

18th June 2018

O2 has just launched an offer that fans of TV shows and movies should really be aware of, as right now it’s giving new and upgrading customers of certain plans a free Netflix subscription for 6 or 12 months.

To take advantage, you’ll need to take out an O2 Refresh plan with 15GB of data or more for 6 months of free Netflix, or with 25GB of data or more for 12 months free.

More interested in SIM Only? That’s an option too, with 18GB and above plans coming with 6 months of Netflix, while tablet plans with 5GB of data or more also give you 6 months free access to Netflix, and mobile broadband plans with 18GB of data or more give you 6 months of Netflix as well.

Better yet, some plans also come with double data, so you’ll have plenty to play with when streaming your favourite shows.

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It’s an offer that’s similar to ones offered by some other networks, most notably Vodafone, which lets customers choose between Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, a NOW TV Entertainment Pass or Sky Sports Mobile TV subscription on select plans.

It joins existing O2 extras like free access to Wi-Fi hotspots and O2 Priority -  a service which gives customers exclusive freebies, discounts, competitions and early access to event tickets.

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