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History of LG Phones

LG is one of the bigger names in smartphones, and has been building well-received Android handsets for years. Even before that it was a significant player in the standard mobile phone industry.

LG is also one of the bigger innovators in the mobile world, being one of the first, along with Samsung, to introduce curved-screen phones, and on many handsets putting the buttons on the back.

Why we love LG Phones

That innovation is one of the things we love about LG. It doesn’t always pan out, but it’s always interesting. Recent examples of it include the dual-lens camera on the LG G5, which has both a standard and wide-angle lens, and the modular capabilities of that same phone.

LG also tends to put brilliant screens on its phones, and was among the first to push resolution up to QHD.

The company’s smartphone cameras also tend to be great, and particularly stand out for offering deep manual controls as well as simple point and shoot options.

And whatever else you find on an LG phone its handsets tend to be quite polished, particularly the higher-end ones, so you can rely on all the basics working well.

Latest LG Phones

The most significant recent LG phone that’s available to buy in the UK is the LG G5. This is a flagship handset that not only has the dual-lens camera and modular abilities mentioned above, but also a premium build, a great screen and lots of power.

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February 2016

LG X Cam

February 2016

LG X Screen

February 2016


February 2016

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