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Why choose a BT phone contract?

BT’s the biggest name in landlines and it could soon be the biggest name in mobile too, as it’s purchased EE – the current market leader.

That means BT has access to the same coverage as EE, which currently accounts for 99% of the UK population for 4G, and 75% of the UK geography. In other words, wherever you are there’s probably BT signal.

Other reasons to choose BT include 12-month contracts for SIM-only plans, so you don’t have to stay committed for two years, plus reasonable prices and a £5 discount each month if you’re a BT Broadband customer.

Added extras

BT offers free unlimited internet access at any of its 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots. Plus, if you’re on a 15GB or 30GB contract you’ll get free access to BT Sport on your smartphone.

There’s also an optional ‘Extra Speed’ service, which doubles your 4G speeds, bringing them up to 60Mbps. That’s faster than most home broadband and costs £4 per month.

Data roaming

BT doesn’t include free data roaming, but it does have affordable add-ons, offering 100MB for £4 when in Europe or for £15 when in the US, as well as a smaller 20MB US add-on for £3.

If you’re in the EU then even its standard roaming costs aren’t too high, at either 3.6p or 4.3p per megabyte.


BT lets you use your entire allowance towards tethering (also known as a mobile hotspot), so you can get other devices online with no limits.

How can I keep my number when switching?

Simply contact your old network and ask for your PAC code. They’re required to give you this within two hours, and once they have just activate your BT SIM card and tell BT the PAC code, your number will then be ported within three days – and BT will keep you updated during the process.

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