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Apple iPhone XS Gold 64GB

4GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 24 month contract
£39.00 a month 24 month contract buymobiles.net
Via buymobiles.net
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Apple iPhone 7 Gold 32GB

5GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 24 month contract
£32.99 a month 24 month contract Mobiles.co.uk
Via Mobiles.co.uk
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Why choose an EE phone contract?

EE – based on coverage claims – likely has more 4G coverage than any other UK network, at more than 99% population coverage and more than 86% of the UK landmass covered.

It also has a lot of 4G spectrum, making for a speedy, reliable network, and it was the first UK network to launch a 5G service, so it’s likely to be one of the leaders there for a long time too. It even offers plans with unlimited data, so you can make the most of its widespread coverage, and it stocks a wide variety of phones.

EE then is the network to choose if you simply want the best user experience possible.

Added extras

Select EE plans come with ‘Swappable Benefits’, letting you choose from between one and three of the following:

A BT Sport mobile subscription, an Amazon Prime Video subscription, free roaming in locations beyond Europe, and the ability to use an unlimited amount of data on select video apps, music apps, or games. These benefits can then be swapped monthly if you want.

Other benefits of EE include Wi-Fi Calling, 4G Calling, and plans that offer faster 4G speeds than typical rivals, so you don’t even need to opt for 5G for speedy data – though a 5G plan and device will be far faster still.

Data roaming

All EE plans let you use your allowance of minutes, data and texts at no extra cost in 48 European destinations, while with ‘Roam Further’ (which can be added as one of the Swappable Benefits explained above, or for £10 per month) you can additionally roam in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.


Tethering (also known as a mobile hotspot) is included on EE and you can use your entire allowance towards it – so the only limit is your monthly data allowance. This lets you use your phone to get other devices online when there’s no Wi-Fi available.

How can I keep my number when switching?

To transfer your number to EE, first place your order with EE, and then the main thing you need is your PAC code. You can get this either by texting the word ‘PAC’ to 65075, or by asking your old network for it.

Then, activate your EE SIM card (if it doesn’t arrive activated) and fill out a number transfer form. If you submit the form before 17:30 on a working day, the transfer should happen the next working day.

 Note that you should leave your old number and account active during this process - it will automatically be closed down once your number is ported.

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