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EE Mobile Broadband - Dongles and MiFi on EE

EE Mobile Broadband

Why we love EE mobile broadband

  • Stay connected wherever you are
  • Share internet with up to 10 devices
  • UK's fastest and most reliable network
  • Unparalleled 4G speeds of up to 50 Mbps with 4G+
  • Wide range of Mobile WiFi and dongles available
  • Plans from just £10 a month

EE Mobile WiFi and Dongles

All you need to get connected is to choose the mobile device below that best suits your needs, and away you go.


EE Osprey 2

- Share internet with up to 10 devices - Up to 15 hours use from a single charge

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EE Osprey 2 Mini

- Share internet with up to 10 devices - Up to 6 hours use from a single charge

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EE Buzzard 2

- Share internet with up to 10 devices

- Plugs straight into your car

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Mobile Broadband Help

  • Getting started with EE Mobile Broadband
  • A wide range of devices in store
  • Generous allowances
  • Mobile Broadband is similar yet very different to home broadband
  • EE Mobile Broadband helps you play away
  • Super high speed 4G data
  • Like tethering, but better
  • Biggest, fastest and most reliable mobile network
  • A potential home broadband replacement

Getting started with EE Mobile Broadband

downloading films via mobile broadband

To get 4GEE WiFi you simply need a mobile broadband device and an active data SIM for it. EE sells a range of Mobile Broadband devices at different prices and for different circumstances, so just pick the one you want, start it up and activate your SIM card.

The exact setup will depend on the device, but it’s usually barely more complicated than starting it up.

To connect other devices to it you’ll need to know the network name and password, both of which should be displayed on a card you’ll get with it. Easy.

A wide range of mobile devices

Currently EE sells four different 4GEE WiFi devices. There’s the Osprey 2, which can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously and is battery powered so you can use it anywhere, and the Osprey 2 Mini, which is similar but more compact, so you can easily slip it in a pocket.

Then there’s the Buzzard 2, which plugs into your car’s dashboard and brings Mobile Broadband to any devices in the vehicle.

The Huawei E3533 Mobile WiFi Dongle, which plugs into any device with a USB port to bring 4G to it. So whether you want to connect one device or many, in a car or elsewhere, battery powered or juiced up by your vehicle there’s an option to suit.

Generous mobile broadband allowances

You can get anything from 1GB to 25GB of data per month and there are both 30 day and 24 month plans, so it’s very flexible in terms of both allowances and contract lengths.

Whether you just want to use it for an upcoming trip or access mobile data all year round and whether your plans are limited to a little email or serious streaming there’s a tariff to suit you.

Mobile Broadband is similar yet very different to home broadband


Mobile Broadband can be used on basically any device which is capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi network. You don’t need a SIM card slot in the device, so in that sense it’s very similar to home broadband, but it differs in two key ways.

For one thing it’s mobile, so rather than having a plugged in router which only provides internet to your house or office, you can take an Mobile Broadband device with you and bring data to everything in the vicinity.

The other main difference is that it relies on 4G (and when 4G isn’t available 3G), so in that sense it’s more like the mobile data you get on your phone, except you can use it with other devices too and connect more than one device to it at once.

EE Mobile Broadband helps you play away


There are any number of situations where you might want to use Mobile Broadband. You can turn your car into a WiFi hotspot for example and keep your kids entertained on long journeys, or bring internet to the train or any hotel which doesn’t offer affordable WiFi, so you can work or stream videos away from home.

Basically any time you or anyone you’re with might want to get online on something other than a phone when there’s no Wi-Fi available mobile broadband could be the answer.


It can be less hassle than public Wi-Fi too, as you don’t need to find an open connection or fill out login pages. As it’s password protected it can also be a little bit more secure and you won’t get stung with hefty data costs, as you can only use what you’ve paid for.

As it gives you the full power of the internet you can use it for any number of things. Streaming and downloading music and videos, engaging with social media, checking your email, working, communicating, downloading and using apps, even online gaming. It empowers you to do more in more places.

Super high speed 4G data on EE

4G Speeds

Mobile Broadband is as fast or slow as EE’s mobile data is in any given area, but as EE has the fastest and most widespread 4G network in the UK it tends to be very speedy. In fact speeds top out at around 90Mbps in areas with 4G+.

Even where 4G+ isn’t available its standard and double speed network keeps it safely speeding ahead of the competition in most places.

Like tethering, but better

Tethering explained

Many phones and networks already allow you to share your smartphone’s data connection with other devices through what’s typically called tethering.

4GEE WiFi differs from this in that you’re not using your phone’s data allowance, which is handy if you have restrictive data limits. You’re also not draining your handset’s battery, which you could through tethering, so if you’re a fan of tethering you’re sure to be a fan of mobile Wi-Fi.

Biggest, fastest and most reliable mobile network

EE continues to lead the way as all the UK networks see improvements

EE is a great choice for mobile Wi-Fi. For one thing it has wider spread 4G than any other UK network, so you’ll be able to take advantage of speedy data in more places.

There’s already more than 90% UK population coverage for 4G so you really can use it almost everywhere.

Get a 4GEE Extra plan (which the higher data allowance plans tend to be) and you’ll also get 100MB of free data in the EU each month and double speed 4GEE where available, keeping you connected in even more places and at even higher speeds.

A potential home broadband replacement

Depending on your circumstances 4GEE Wi-Fi could even replace your home broadband. If you have a 4G signal on EE but can’t get very good broadband in your area as is the case in some rural locations for example then it could be a great fit.

If you can get speedy broadband though then there’s probably little reason to switch. 4G still often isn’t as fast as the highest speed home broadband connections and your data may be more limited.

But if you don’t want to be tied into a long term contract, perhaps because you only have a short term let for example, it could still be ideal.

Plus this could save you money as it doesn’t require a landline and even if you stick with your standard broadband it could still be worth considering as a home broadband backup.

Unlike home broadband there’s no installation hassle either, as it’s straightforward and you can set it up yourself, usually in a matter of minutes.

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