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Sky Mobile SIM Deals

  • Save on a contract SIM Only deal on Sky Mobile network
  • Huge choice of great value plans
  • Rollover your unused data
  • Overview


Why choose a Sky Mobile SIM-Only?

Sky Mobile has over 99% population coverage with 4G, as it uses O2’s infrastructure, so you’re likely to have coverage in most places if you opt for a Sky Mobile SIM-Only plan.

Sky Mobile also rewards Sky TV customers by giving them unlimited minutes and texts completely free, so you only have to pay for data. Plus, its prices are competitive even if you’re not a Sky TV customer.

Added extras

Sky Mobile doesn’t want you to waste your money, so it lets you roll over any unused data from one month to the next, banking it for up to three years, so it’s always there when you need it and you don’t end up paying for what you don’t use.

Data roaming

With a SIM-Only plan on Sky Mobile you can use your normal allowance of minutes, texts and data for free in over 30 EU and EEA countries. Plus, for £5 per day you can access your normal data allowance in Australia, Canada, Christmas Islands, Cocos Islands, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey (including Northern Cyprus) and the US.


Sky Mobile SIM-Only includes tethering, which means you can use your mobile data to get other devices such as laptops and tablets online. The only limit is your normal data limit.

How can I keep my number when switching?

Moving your number is easy. The first step is to order and activate your Sky Mobile SIM card. Next, call up your old network and request your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code). Then, fill in a form on Sky Mobile’s website, making sure to give them your PAC. Once done, your number should be transferred the next working day if you make the request on a working day before 5PM.

What size SIM will I get?

Sky Mobile supplies a Multi SIM which contains three different SIM card sizes, so you don’t need to know what size you need in advance, just order your SIM-Only plan and when the card arrives compare it to your old SIM card to select the right size.


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