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History of Microsoft Phones

Microsoft is a huge name in tech and tried to become a big name in mobile too, through the launch of the Windows Phone operating system (more recently just known as Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile). It has far less market share than Android or iOS, but it offers a unique mobile experience.

The company also makes smartphones, under the Lumia brand, which it acquired when it purchased Nokia.

Why we Love Microsoft Phones

Microsoft phones are notable primarily because they run Windows, which these days very few other handsets do. As such they have a distinct look and feel, with a colourful tile-based operating system and tight integration with Microsoft’s apps and services.

Not only is the operating system colourful, but often the phones themselves, as Lumia handsets tend to be launched in bright and varied shades, which stand out from the crowd.

Microsoft phones also in some cases have interesting and innovative features, for example the Lumia 950 was one of the first handsets to have an iris scanner, and many Windows Phone handsets support Continuum, which allows you to plug them into a screen and use them like a PC.

On top of all that Microsoft makes a strong line of budget handsets, which in many cases outperform Android rivals for less money.

Latest Microsoft Phones

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are Microsoft’s latest flagships, and they combine high-end specs with sharp screens in two different sizes.

Device name

Release date

Lumia 650

February 2016

Lumia 950 XL

November 2015

Lumia 950

November 2015

Lumia 550

October 2015

Lumia 430

May 2015

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