November 13, 2016

Virgin Mobile 4G Coverage and Network Summary

Arqiva and Virgin Media Business join forces to improve 4G in city centres across the UKUpdated: November, 2016

Introduction to Virgin Mobile 4G

Virgin Mobile is an MVNO that uses EE, and while for a long time its 4G services were limited to business customers, it’s finally launched 4G for everyone.

Virgin Mobile is in the enviable position of being able to take advantage of EE’s extensive 4G network, which currently covers over 97% of the UK population, with OpenSignal users on EE reporting a 4G signal 60.60% of the time – that’s more than any other network.

The company also aims to stand out, with low prices (starting at just £6 per month for 300MB of data, 300 minutes and unlimited texts), along with data allowances that roll over each month – so if you don’t use all your data you get the remaining amount added on to your next month’s allowance. Plus, all customers can use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger without eating into their data allowances, and you get access to Virgin Mobile’s network of 250,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK.


Virgin Mobile 4G Network Overview

Types of 4G from Virgin Mobile:

  • 4G – Typically 5 times faster than a standard 3G network.

4G from Virgin Mobile uses the following network frequencies:

  • 800 MHz   (0.8 GHz)
  • 1800 MHz (1.8 GHz)
  • 2600 MHz (2.6 GHz)

Find out more about 4G frequencies in the UK here.

As Virgin Mobile is an EE MVNO it uses the same 4G spectrum bands as EE. That means it has access to the 800MHz band, the 1800MHz band and the 2600MHz band. Between the three of them Virgin Mobile is equipped to deliver reliable 4G signals both in urban and rural locations, over long distances and through walls while still being able to deliver the capacity needed in busy areas.

With 4G, Virgin Mobile customers can get speeds which are roughly five times faster than a standard 3G connection.

Virgin Mobile 4G Coverage

As Virgin Mobile uses EE’s network its 4G service is available in the same locations. Right now that means you can get Virgin Mobile 4G in over 666 large towns and cities and over 6,900 smaller towns and villages across the UK.

Currently the places it’s available in include but are not limited to Aberdeen, Abingdon, Accrington, Aldershot, Altrincham, Amersham, Antrim, Armadale, Armagh City Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Ashford (Kent), Ashford (Surrey), Ashton-In-Makerfield, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Aylesbury, Ballymena, Banbridge, Bangor, Barnsley, Basildon, Basingstoke, Bath, Beaconsfield, Bedford, Belfast, Bellshill, Belper, Benfleet, Berkhamsted, Bicester, Billericay, Bingley, Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bishop Auckland, Bishop’s Stortford, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Bournemouth, Bracknell, Bradford, Braintree, Brentwood, Bridgend, Brighouse, Brighton, Bristol, Brownhills, Buckingham, Burnley, Burntwood, Burton Upon Trent, Caerphilly, Camberley, Cambridge, Cannock, Cardiff, Castleford, Coalville, Caldicot, Canvey Island, Carlisle, Carrickfergus, Chatham, Chelmsford, Cheltenham, Chepstow, Chesham, Chester, Chester-Le-Street, Cheshunt, Chesterfield, Chorley, Clydebank, Coatbridge, Colchester, Coleraine, Corringham, Coventry, Craigavon, Crawley, Cumbernauld, Cwmbran, Dalkeith, Darlington, Derby, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Dudley, Dumbarton, Dundee, Dungannon, Durham, Edinburgh, East Grinstead, Ellesmere Port, Exeter, Farnborough, Farnham, Faversham, Fleet, Fleetwood, Formby, Frimley, Gateshead, Gerrards Cross, Gillingham, Glasgow, Glossop, Gloucester, Grangemouth, Gravesend, Grays, Grimsby, Guildford, Guiseley, Halifax, Hamilton, Harlow, Harpenden, Harrogate, Hartlepool, Hatfield, Hebburn, Helensburgh, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, High Wycombe, Hinckley, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Houghton-Le-Spring, Holywood, Horsham, Huddersfield, Hull, Hythe, Ilkeston, Ipswich, Jarrow, Keighley, Kenilworth, Keynsham, Kirkby, Kirkintilloch, Larne, Leatherhead, Leeds, Leicester, Leigh, Leighton Buzzard, Letchworth, Leyland, Lichfield, Lincoln, Lisburn, Liverpool, Livingston, London, Londonderry/Derry, Loughborough, Luton, Lytham St Annes, Macclesfield, Maidenhead, Maidstone, Manchester, Mansfield, Marlow, Merthyr Tydfil, Milton Keynes, Middlesbrough, Motherwell, Nailsea, Neath, Newbury, Newcastle, Newcastle Under Lyme, Newport, Newry, Newton Abbot, Newtownabbey, Newtownards, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Nuneaton, Oldham, Omagh, Ormskirk, Oxford, Paignton, Peterborough, Peterlee, Plymouth, Pontypool, Poole, Pontefract, Portishead, Portsmouth, Port Talbot, Potters Bar, Prestatyn, Preston, Ramsbottom, Rayleigh, Reading, Redcar, Redhill, Reigate, Rhyl, Richmond, Rochdale, Rochester, Rotherham, Rugeley, Runcorn, Sale, Saltash, Sandhurst, Sevenoaks, Sheerness, Sheffield, Shipley, Sittingbourne, Skelmersdale, Slough, Southampton, Southend-On-Sea, Southport, South Shields, Spennymoor, Stevenage, St Albans, Stafford, Staines, Stockport, Stockton-On-Tees, Stoke, Strabane, Sunderland, Sutton Coldfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Swadlincote, Swansea, Swindon, Swinton, Tamworth, Telford, Thame, Thornaby-on-Tees, Tilbury, Tonbridge, Torquay, Totton, Tyldesley, Tunbridge Wells, Wakefield, Wallasey, Walsall, Waltham Abbey, Walton-On-Thames, Ware, Warrington, Washington, Watford, Welwyn Garden City, Weston-Super-Mare, West Bromwich, Wickford Widnes, Wigan, Wimborne Minster, Windsor, Witney, Woking, Wolverhampton, Wombourne, Worksop, Wishaw and York among other places.

Recent areas to get EE 4G include CollShetland Islands, Isles of ScillyIlfracombe, Ashbourne and Upton-upon-Severn.

Roaming destinations

Virgin Mobile offers 30 day travel passes for EU roaming, with 10MB of data for 35p, 50MB for £1.50 and 250MB for £5.

  • Hunt Richard

    when will the 4g be available I have the iPhone 6 no 4g, I did not repose that when I signed the contract 4g phone no 4g what is that all about!!!



  • Steven Watson

    I to have a iphone 6 and constantly looking for when Virgin mobile are getting 4G it seems to me that they have fallen well behind the times. The only reason I still with them is because of the very good tarriff that Im on.

    Come on virgin get caught up with the times!

  • Adam tucker

    I need to know when 4G is coming to my area in Dagenham Essex I was told by Virgin that it is not in my area year but I am surprise a county like Essex not having 4G. I feel let down by Virgin this not being made available to there customers in This area way behind the times, very disappointing.

  • virgin mobile uk

    4g will launch nationwide on Feb 10th 2015, all 4g enabled phones will automatically update.

    • blue

      Is this an official announcement

      • Kevin Thomas

        As Virgin Mobile uses EE’s network its 4G service is available in the same locations. Right now that means you can get Virgin Mobile 4G in 510 large towns and cities across the UK, but remember for the time being it’s only available to business customers.

    • paul

      Is this at no extra cost like 3 do or is there hidden costs. As you said 4G compatible phones will update automatically. But do you tell the costomer that it will cost extra or jus take their money

    • Darran Key

      That’s great news but won’t you need a 4G sim card. Because my sim card is 3G yet my phone is capable of connecting to 4G.

    • Darran Key

      Well today being the 10/02/2015 and surprise surprise my phone can’t access 4G. Who would have thought it virgin mobile once again lying to it’s personal customers. I see it as we are not as important as the business customers so we don’t get the same treatment. Why sell 4G ready phones to us if you don’t want to provide the service might aswell just say in on the Internet store or in stores that 4G phones are for business customers only.

      If it wasn’t for the fact I have over a year left on my contract I would be saying bye bye virgin mobile.

    • Sonia Lock Bundza

      So is 4g launching today as my phones saying 3G still do we have update our contract package ? How and when will we b told its launched

    • steven715

      Well today is 14th Feb 2015 I still don’t get 4g even in Milton Keynes that should have it. When I try and enable 4G (LTE) I get the following message “This mobile network has not been certified by the carrier for LTE on iPhone. There is nothing on there website to say that they have 4G so once again I think we have been had by Paul and by Virginmobile who clearly don’t want to keep up with the times and just wants to give us rubbish 3G that is most of the time unusable I am now actively looking for another network that can full fill my needs. What a DAM shame!!!

    • Emily Farndon

      What a load of bull it’s now 6th March my Sony z is 4G so why the he’ll when you scan networks and click. On 4G does its day can’t connect to network or error registering. On said network.????!

      • Steven Watson

        Hi Emily unfortunately I am in the same boat as I said before 2 months ago I get the message “This mobile network has not been certified by the carrier for LTE on iPhone” I wish Virginmobile was more honest with us.

    • davew

      When will this happen

    • Pepperami

      another lie??

      Why not just say “We do not know when the current Virgin Network will update to 4G” and be done with it, rather than FOBBING US OFF all the time…..

      For a test, I rang Virgin Mobile yesterday as I wanted to add my Daughter to the Pay Monthly sim only deal, and again was told that yes Virgin media was 4G, when I then said no your not, its 4G for business users only, I got the “So why did you ask then if you already know!” No apology for lying, it was MY fault for asking the question!!

      Your sales team should go back to selling TIME SHARE HOLIDAYS or whatever they were doing previously, its a disgrace!

    • combatchef1970

      My phone is 4G and it’s not working why

    • ziplock9000

      Over a year later and still nothing.

  • Steven Watson

    I hope the comment by virgin mobile UK is true else I will start looking around as I am sick of slow 3G at high traffic times at 06:30 in the morning 3G is a pleasure to use.

    Virgin I hope your true to your word it will be a shame to leave you after many years of happy service.

  • Tim banks

    Does that apply solely to business customers? Or will normal customers also receive access?

  • Paul

    I cannot fault Virgin Media whatsoever for their Broadband, Cable TV and Landline services. What I pay for with my own contract, I am more than satisfied with.

    BUT… There’s always the same old ongoing, annoying, tedious and now quite frankly boring excuses – to the point I have now given up even asking anymore – WHEN ARE VIRGIN GOING TO PROVIDE 4G? Customers like myself and many more initially chose to use Virgin as they ‘say’ or ‘mislead’ you into assuming they will provide 4G – unless you read the tiny tiny small print that actually states they don’t provide 4G at all. I was with Vodafone for 14 years before moving over to Virgin because I had moved to a new property and installed their Media services. I wish I had never left vodafone as a year on, quelle surprise, Virgin still have no 4G network…. YET!

    And you will be told this every single time you speak to a member of staff in any department at Virgin mobile. They can never give a date or confirm if 4G will ever happen.

    So, to summarise – the recent comment from Virgin Mobile re 4G will be rolled out across the country in Feb 2015 – I’ll believe it when I see it! My contract has already expired you now, so I’m going back to Vodafone I think!

  • Richy rich

    Virgin have recently paid Huawei a fortune to build them a new back office system for provisioning, billing etc. It is known internally as MTP (Mobile Transformation Project). It was due to launch August bank holiday 2014 but has been constantly delayed due issues with migrating the old systems to the new. This is the primary reason for the delay of 4g on Virgin and I wouldnt expect to see $g anytime soon.

    • Steven Watson

      Thanks for your comments it really is disappointing of virginmobile they’re so behind the times now and even there 3G at times is not great infact it’s diabolical!
      I wish Virginmobile will be honest with there customers my wife and I have been loyal to them for over 6-7 years not as many as some people but I think that we’re still owed an explanation from Virginmobile themselves. Very disappointed in them indeed. Steve

  • Nouhad Eter

    Its farr farr way beyond february now and still no 4g…..not happy at all …..will go to a 4g provider i promise

  • Larry Showering

    I too have been waiting a long time for 4g but so far, nothing. My contract expires in June and I will leave virgin and go to O2 for my S6.

  • Ian Alexander Inman

    The lack of 4G is making me think of returning to O2 via Tesco. Virgin was a good deal SIM only, however, others are offering equally good packages now.

    • Jason Bird

      I’ve just moved to Tesco mobile and the service is good. Plus free 4G.

      I know it uses the O2 network, yet I’m finding I have LESS hassles than when I was with O2 its self!!

  • Ian Wilson

    If Tesco can give 4g to customers free then Virgin should.


    Cant wait to leave virgin so crap and on my unlimited contract after using 3.5gb of data they restrict me so I cannot even watch youtube and websites take 10 mins to load if not atall. Got a year left with virgin roll on next year!!

  • Steven Bothwell

    Screw the business network, this is exactly why I’m thinking of leaving Virgin mobile, everyone else enjoying 4G but we have to make do with unreliable 3G that sometimes doesn’t even work and I have to either turn the phone off of select a carrier manually !., pathetic.

  • John Higham

    It looks like I’ll have to leave Virgin when my contract runs out early next year.3G coverage in Central London is useless, I can’t use the rail apps to check the times of my trains back home. Service drops all the time but I see other around me on the bus taking & making calls but I can’t. Having to constantly find & select better Wi-Fi connections is a constant pain. Wifi Buddy is a joke as Quick Connect doesn’t work so I have to research in Wi-Fi connections. I’m thinking of another provider with 4G as standard for all users & not just business users as with Virgin.

  • Tom

    Spoke to a Virgin retentions on Sept 8th 2015 – The advisor told me that Virgin will have access to 4g by the end of the year. I’m on sim only so contract is only a rolling 30 day anyway. Im going to hang on and see as they have very good deals (as long as it’s on 4g to compete)!

    • dream143

      It’s February and they still haven’t :-(!!

      • Shaun Dunn

        I have it on Very good Authoity that 4G will be available for Domestic customers this year, there is no Date but definitely this year, YUP I know you have heard it before.. this one however is NOT crying Wolf

        • dream143

          That would be great Shaun, thanks for your info, I really hope its soon it drives me nuts. If they don’t sort soon they will lose customers. I bought a new phone to have 4G was guttered after I bought no 4G with virgin if you hear anymore info plse say. Thanks.

        • dream143

          Thanks Shaun for your info hopefully they will , as my signal is terrible

  • Lee Ghaus

    For those of us fortunate to be on a monthly rolling contract.. There are better deals out there and with 4G… Just waiting to get my new handset at the end of the month and moving…just seen a deal on Uswitch giffgaff are doing a monthly 4g unlimited everything for £20!! Per month.. Basically the same that I’m paying Virgin for 3G :/

  • Steve Farrow

    Hi im ln the flexi plan could i still keep paying my phone as normal but cancel the sim side of my contract ?? As ee 4g works on my iphone anyone know if this is allowed ?

  • combatchef1970

    When will we have 4G. Moved from Vodafone and big mistake

    • Mark Atkins

      A big mistake moving from Vodafone? REALLY?!?!?! I’d rather not have a phone than use Vodafail

  • Jason

    If you have Virgin mobile, as I have had for 2 years now, switch to EE. Virgin will only give 4G to business customers. A big mistake on their part. That is why I am leaving them and switching now to EE. EE is the only network that provides such a huge coverage of 4G and especially in my home town of Condorrat and Cumbernauld. All other UK networks only provide 4G in the big cities and leave the rest out. So for that reason I am switching to EE.

    • Mike0001

      Shortly to become bt mobile.

      • Mark Atkins

        I wouldn’t switch to EE if they were free…. Enough said!

  • Aloo

    I really like virgin and will not leave for one good reason and I am addicted to it and I cannot tell anyone for what reason I will stay with them sorry guys you sould Try to find out for your self and it’s not because it’s cheaper it’s for something else

  • Fellhara

    I’m so pleased with what Virginmobile offers and I also know what this person knows and so what if Virgin don’t have 4g thanks to Virginmobile

  • Game

    Gift gaff and Tesco uses o2 network to that’s why o2 network gone very bad and the signal is to low

    • Mark Atkins

      No mate, o2 just has crap signal anyway due to the spectrum that they use!

  • Yo lol

    EE Orenge and Virgin uses same network

    • Shaun Dunn

      Orange & Tmobile, merged to become EE, so its actually EE’s Network, Orange & Tmobile are now simply brands, EE is ow trying to get all of these customers on to EE.

  • Go home

    Vodafone shares net with kontaktmobile and all international sim lol but still it’s okay

  • Matt

    I’ve been told 5 different times that 4g will be with us the following month. As I / we are clearly being lied to, I want out ! The amount of different excuses I’ve heard and read is ridiculous. What a mistake I made joining this 3rd world network !

  • Tony

    That’s it I had waited enough for Virginmobile to launch 4G but it hasn’t so I’m now moving with Lebara mobile they also have 4G goodbye Virginmobile. Lol

  • Amee Linney

    I have a sim only pay monthly with Virgin. My question is, I received 4G without a hitch via my Samsung Galaxy S5…but recently have a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – which will not get 4G for love nor money! No matter how I tweak the mobile network settings !! It is driving me bonkers !! Virgin say they don’t do 4G – but I received it on the S5 !!!!! Grrr……..

    • Rachael

      Exactly like mine my Internet on its own and comes back on hours later.. Not good!!

    • Shaun Dunn

      You have not had 4g as it is not on the Virgin network, unless your a business customer..

  • Joy

    Virginmobile is the best Lol

  • Olla

    Does anybody know about LifeMobile its very cheap go for it

    • HY

      just joined. Rubbsh joining process and staff are rubbish. But once you joined the phone calls, text and mobile internet are good as any other main stream telco -very good. ine is the Mini £4.95 per month with 600 minutes, 3000 text and 500mb internet. Best low useroffer at the moment.

      • Mark Atkins

        Used them for a month before leaving them for iD mobile (they use Three’s network so always fast internet) – LifeMobile are owned and ran by EE and I hardly ever got 3G speeds never mind HSDPA!

  • dream143

    Terrible terrible service by Virgin! My Mam has the worst signal always cutting off even the calls and no she’s just in a normal city town! If anyone she should have 4G. Anyway me now I bought a new phone so I could have 4G had for a few mths and thought hang on still no 4G?? I called them the other day and yeah same old rubbish we are looking into it! Thankfully there is WiFi. They are so behind the times! I think Branston needs to look at who he is actually running his companies? Just like their banking all ….!! I really want to know why other companies supply but Virgin don’t… Why??

    • Nick

      He doesn’t actually own the company anymore his stake is only about 2-3%.

      • dream143

        Mmmm well Nick if he’s got any sense he will remove his name because the company is horrendous!

    • Mark Atkins

      It’s not Virgins fault, it’s EE – They won’t let them piggyback the 4G network (even more so now that EE is owned by BT) and they’re pulling masts down left, right and centre!

      • dream143

        Well virgin need to go it alone and get their is Masts. Why the hell are EE being pathetic…well BT now

    • Darren Foley

      I agree.. Whenever i leave my city i have no signal whatsoever! Also in my house nobody can ever contact me due to poor signal!

  • Play4G4Life

    Virginmobile Bring 4g man

  • Brookie1

    Will my daughters virgin nano sim work in my 5c locked on orange plz help

    • ziplock9000

      You’ve answered your own question.

    • Mark Atkins

      Yes it will. Any phone locked to ASDA, Virgin, EE, T-Mobile or Orange will all work with each others SIM cards as they all use the EE network, don’t have a clue what Ziplock was on about!

      • PlayMateSim

        EE T-Mobile Orenge Virginmobile Asda network they love each other and they get into each other lol

  • Jordan

    Hi, i have just bought the iphone 6s , my new contract will begin on the 13th, i am a busuness customer too so will i receive 4G when my new contract starts or would i have to call ghem up?

  • dream143

    Yeah your right and the gov need to step in and not allow it! Broadband speeds for home and mobile are terrible! And ditto only with cause got a good deal apart from its gone up twice! But still cheap.

  • Gay lad

    Finally virgin launching 4G for all customer in October lol it took them so long

    • Hulahoops

      No lol your joking I had just left the shity network

    • ToySim

      Yes your right definitely 4G coming in October for all Virginmobile customer at last

  • OhMan

    Yes right definitely 4G coming but one thing they don’t even have call conference options well they do but it’s so rubbish way to call

  • hellontoast

    just been on the phone to virginmobile – 4G definitely coming in October but they are having some glitches so it will be delayed for a couple of weeks. All virgin customers will receive a text about the upgrade and then we can order our replacement sims. That changeover time will probably be hell on toast
    . Fingers crossed it works or its back to vodafone for me .

  • Bula

    No easy call conference you have to go through lots of hassle so sh#t

  • Darren Foley

    Its october and I still dont have 4g here in Edinburgh. Typical virgin full of promises but never deliver!

  • Hassan Ali

    The said in october, not withing the first week of ictober, the still have 3 weeks to deliver, we can roast them on the 1st of november is we dont have 4g yet

    • Melliebelle

      It looks like it will be November at this rate IF we’re lucky!

  • Play4G Net

    Wow I have virgin 4G I’m so enjoying now lol

  • Play4G Net OXFORD

    Wow I have virgin 4G I’m so enjoying now lol. OXFORD

    • Melliebelle

      Wow, really? What kind of 4g plans are they offering?

  • Hassan Ali

    Is it out now? Im guessing ill need to update my tarrif to get it?

  • AHemp

    EE is rubbish in Tunbridge Wells. So that means Virgin too. Choose O2. Vodafone is probably OK too

    • Haizal

      O2 are u having a laugh it’s even rubbish then 3

  • Spoton

    WoW this is a good news. I have been with virgin for 2years, no had issues at all, but I was wondering why virgin don’t have 4g!!! I’m looking forward to it . Hope it’s soon .

  • Haizal

    Virginmobile won’t get 4G till October next year that’s what I’ve been told by customer service. is it true?

    • robert plewinski

      Just come off phone with virgin media who inform me that it should be on the 4G some time in November but nothing definite yet

  • Alan Shaw

    just realised virgin do use the EE network, on my EE tarrif from ee i get 107meg download speed, but virgin i get 0.34meg, far too slow, hope will have 4g soon on virgin, if not they can get lost

  • Mark Allan

    rang them today and guy said within the next week. I said i’d ring back then to discuss this, still got my PAC from then even though he came out with all sorts like they put 4g back because of glitches and the iphone7 coming out? take from that what you will. :)

    • Ruby

      They keep saying it’s gonna happen soon but it won’t you’re just wasting your time waiting to get virgin 4G it will never happen and that my word

      • Vods

        Sorry I can’t hear you over my Virgin 4G

        • Ruby


      • Vinny

        It has already happened. However, it looks like Virgin WiFi hotspots may be delayed again. This is why they rushed ahead with 4G.

  • Aloo

    Play fking tariffs with 4G

  • 4G digger

    Wow I’m so glad that Virginmobile launched 4G hope its good and also still one problem they don’t do call conference well they do but how they have options to do call conference it so rubbish hope they get that as well it will be really good

  • loyalwhitebriton

    So I got my 4g sim card through today, but my allowance is not being refreshed until 9th Dec. Can I use my sim card straightaway to receive 4g or do I have to wait till the 9th? I’m a bit of a luddite so any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

    • Vinny

      You wait, even if you install the new sim. I have my new sim card any day now, but won’t get 4G access through it until my new billing cycle on 6th December. The rest of my family already have 4G enabled phones / sims. They also have to wait for their new billing cycle to access 4G.

  • Robert

    Received my 4G sim today and installed in my phone, can make calls but data doesn’t work. Tech at Virgin say i have to wait until refresh date which is mid December! Seems like they can’t send out a 3G card to get me back working – Virgin have a problem, clearly never tested their system – poor show. Other be warned they won’t get data if they switch their sim card before their refresh date.

  • Themawnster

    received my new 4G sim and the blurb on the packaging says you are good to go almost immediately…but i wasn’t, it was still 3G. Carried out all the under the bonnet stuff like selecting LTE that they tell you to do on the blurb, but still no joy. Found this site on google and read about the refresh date being the activator so I waited the few days for that to happen. Refresh date has come and gone and still holding 3G so today I called one of the technical guys and he told me to do the following steps

    go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings and click on it

    worked instantly for me and phone is now showing LTE (4G) and I’m getting what I’m paying for at last… aware tho that you may need to rejoin your WiFi network so make sure you know your password before you try this… Hope this helps anyone who is suffering from the same frustration as i was

    • russfussuk

      This worked for me too although slightly different on Samsung S6:

      Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Search Networks

      There were then two visible options: ‘virgin’ or ‘Virgin’
      Chose the capitalised network and hey presto, 4G+ indicator suddenly appears.

  • Robbie

    No working for me and had it two weeks nearly. No 4g even with new Sim and pay monthly billing cycle

  • Furious

    Anytime i see EE advertising on TV as the best 4g provider in the UK, i get furious. If that’s truly our best then its sad. I got a 4g enabled phone but hardly ever seen 4g signal even when i live so close to EE mast in London. You never get the worth of the service you pay for but maintenance excuse, problems with masts, etc. You cry to them they suggest the refresh reset rubbish that fixes the problem temporarily, and they smile to the bank. They are so cheating on us guys.