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EE pay as you go packs explained

30th March 2015

EE pay as you go packs explained

Smartphone tariffs can be expensive, but with pay as you go packs available from as little as £1 on EE they don’t have to be and they become even better value over time. So if you’re looking to save or have the flexibility of not being locked into a contract then one of these could be for you and we’ve got all the details of prices, tariffs and terms.

What packs are available and how much do they cost?

EE has split its pay as you go packs into three different categories. They’re split according to their focus, with Data Packs giving you a generous helping of 4G data, Talk And Text Packs focused more on communication and Everything Packs equipped with a bit of, well, everything.

Everything Packs

There are three different Everything Packs available and they all last for 30 days. The cheapest costs £10 and gives you 150 minutes, 500MB of 4G data and unlimited texts.

That’s pretty limited, so if you want more you can spend £15 and get 500 minutes, 2GB of 4G data and unlimited texts. That’s more like it, but for real power users there’s the £25 pack, which gives you 1000 minutes, 4GB of 4G data and unlimited texts.

Talk And Text Packs

Talk And Text Packs also come in three different sizes, with the smallest of these lasting just 7 days and costing a mere £1. For that you’ll get 25 minutes and 50 texts, so it’s only really fit for incredibly light users.

For £10 you can get a 30 day pack which includes 250 minutes and unlimited texts and for £15 you can get a 30 day pack with 750 minutes and unlimited texts.

That’s pretty good, but remember none of the talk and text packs come with any mobile data. Data Packs

If you’re data hungry but less interested in calling and texting then a Data Pack is for you. There are only two of these available, with a 7 day £1 pack netting you 100MB of data alongside 10 minutes and 10 texts so you’re not left completely unable to communicate.

The pricier option is still not much at just £10 and that’s for a 30 day pack with 1GB of data, 50 minutes and 50 texts. So if you really want a lot of data you’re actually better off with the 2GB or 4GB Everything Pack.

How do I buy a pack?

When you buy a new phone or get a new SIM card from EE you’ll have the option to pick one of the packs, but if you’re an existing customer (and aren’t currently tied into a contract) you can grab a pack by logging in to the ‘My Account’ section of EE’s site, heading in to the My EE app or texting ALL PACKS to 150.

Once you’ve bought a pack a new one will automatically be added to your account every 7 or 30 days (depending on the length of pack you’ve opted for) and the cost of the pack will be taken from your credit. If you don’t have enough credit for a pack then EE will let you know and you can either top up to continue benefitting or just switch to spending your remaining credit directly on calls and texts.

What other benefits do they have?

One big benefit of EE’s pay as you go packs is that they get better over time, by allowing you to add extra minutes, texts or data every three months at no extra cost.

To qualify for a free boost you need to buy three 30 day packs or twelve 7 day packs. The packs must all be the same length but there can be gaps between them and you can track your progress towards earning a boost by checking your account page or heading to the My EE app.

Once you’re eligible for a free boost you can choose it from the EE app, your account page or by texting BOOST to 150 and it will be added when your next pack starts and will continue to be added to any pack after that as long as you stick to packs of the same length.

Sticking to packs of the same length also allows you to continue accruing extra boosts every three months, but as soon as you change the length of a pack you lose all of your boosts and all progress towards your next boost.

By buying an EE pay as you go pack you’ll also be benefiting from being on the UK’s largest 4G network, which currently has over 85% UK population coverage and if you opt for a £15 or £25 everything pack you’ll also be able to use double speed 4G and 4G+ where available.

Do I need to buy a pack if I’m on pay as you go?

No, you can spend your credit directly if you’d prefer, though you’ll need either a pack or an add-on to use data and in most cases packs present better value than paying directly for calls and texts.

What else do I need to know?

EE’s pay as you go packs have no contracts, so you can change or remove packs at any time. You can’t go over your allowance either, as once you run out of minutes, texts and data you’re simply cut off until your next pack starts, though you can optionally purchase an add-on to tide you over.

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