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Nokia 3
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Microsoft Lumia 550
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Nokia 150

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SIM Card Triple SIM
SIM Card Triple SIM
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SIM Card Triple SIM
SIM Card Triple SIM
5 GB Data 500 Minutes 5000 Texts
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Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 7
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History of Nokia

Nokia is one of the oldest names in mobile, and was the top player during the days of dumb phones. Since the rise of the smartphone it’s allied itself with Microsoft, launching the acclaimed Lumia range, but as Windows Phone itself remains unpopular Nokia’s market share dwindled.

A few years ago its mobile phone business was bought by Microsoft, and the Nokia name temporarily disappeared from mobile as a result, but now the company is able to launch phones under its own name again, albeit with a new company called HMD Global actually building the devices. These will be Android handsets, and will arrive on the market from 2017.

Why we love Nokia

Nokia phones are good for a lot of reasons. For one thing, Nokia knows phones like few other companies, which means the basics are usually handled well, such as ensuring that phone calls are crystal clear.

But Nokia handsets also tend to have brilliant cameras, with massive megapixel counts relative to their price.

Nokia also has an eye for design, with the colourful Lumia range standing out from a crowd of dull rectangles.

Nokia also tends to make great quality budget phones, so if you don’t have much money to spend on a handset a cheap Nokia option is usually a safe bet.

Latest Nokia Phones

Nokia hasn’t released any phones recently, due to Microsoft buying the phone business, but more are due in 2017.

Device name

Release date

Nokia 222

September 2015

Nokia 105

June 2015

Nokia 215

May 2015

Lumia 735

September 2014

Lumia 830

September 2014

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