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HTC One (M8) – Big, beautiful and packing a whole lot of power

HTC One (M8) an uplifting 4G phone The HTC One (M8) is now available and while it had some big shoes to fill it’s certainly managed it, by improving on the original HTC One in almost every conceivable way. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful phone than last year’s HTC One, but the One

The Sony Xperia M2 packs 4G power into a super slim chassis

Sony Xperia M2 – joins the list of mid-range 4G phones One thing we’ve never felt the right to expect from mid range phones is good looks, so Sony’s announcement that the Xperia M2 is the slimmest 4G phone in its class is, in some ways, something to be happy about. On the other hand

4G is starting to become a viable alternative to fixed-line broadband

We tend to think of 4G as a convenient way to get high speed data on the move, but in fact it’s reaching the point where it’s become an attractive alternative to fixed-line broadband for home internet, at least for some people. It’s easy to see why. For one thing it can be cheaper than

EE to Partner Glastonbury Festival and provide dedicated 4G network and Festival Power Bars

Festival goers to benefit from EE’s 4G technology for an easier life… EE will be the official technology and communications partner to Glastonbury Festival 2014. This follows on from a successful partnership at last year’s Glastonbury Festival. Festival goers will see much more being offered by EE this year. There will be a dedicated 4G

Number of EE based 4G MVNO’s set to increase

Already 25 MVNO’s (mobile virtual network operators) have been connected to the EE 4G network, 19 of which are still active and that number is set to increase. EE’s MVNA (mobile virtual network aggregator) partner Transatel has big ambitions. It aims to create between 15 and 20 new MVNO partnerships across Europe this year alone,

GuardianWitness celebrates its first year of 4G powered news and creativity

GuardianWitness has been around for just over a year now. Powered by EE and its 4G network it allows users to become journalists and artists for a large audience. Giving them the ability to upload news stories, images and videos. It encompasses both an app and desktop site and has already had over 10 million

O2’s 4G network hits major milestones while the network plans for the future

O2 has over 1 million people connected to 4G. O2 has hit a couple of major milestones in its 4G roll out as one third of the UK population can now receive 4G indoors. The outdoor figure is even more impressive, as it stands at 41%. In all, 4G on O2 is available in 191

EE’s 4G prices are increasing by 2.7%

EE’s 4G tariffs increase slightly If you’re on EE, T-Mobile or Orange we’ve got some bad news, starting on the 28th of May your monthly bills will be increasing by 2.7%, so for example if you pay £25 per month now, you’ll soon have to pay £25.68 per month. Thankfully it’s a relatively minor increase