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The Samsung Galaxy NX Smart 4G Compact brings 4G to cameras

We’re always banging on about 4G on smartphones and tablets but those aren’t the only things that it can be of use to.

Many 3G users still aren’t convinced by 4G

It’s clear that the networks need to do a better job of informing people about what 4G really means for them and how affordable it is.

GiffGaff’s 4G trial is going well

4G is coming to GiffGaff. Mega-fast email, browsing and downloading is coming to the mobile network run by you.

BBC plans to live stream the Commonwealth Games over 4G

BBC Research & Development, in collaboration with EE, is to demonstrate 4G Broadcast at its public Commonwealth Games Showcase.

Nokia Lumia 930 comes to EE with a bunch of extras

The Nokia Lumia 930 is finally here and what better way to enjoy it than on EE, with its widespread 4G coverage.

BT’s One Phone combines all a company’s phone needs into one service

BT One Phone brings your desk phones, mobile phones, and phone system into a single service so all of your calls and voicemail go to just one mobile device.

4G is coming to England’s National Parks

English National Parks to benefit from the rollout of 4G and improved mobile services. Includes the Lake District, the New Forest and the Yorkshire Dales.

4GEE Shared Plans Explained

A 4GEE Shared Plan essentially lets you share your data with multiple devices or people. Up to five devices can be added to a 4GEE Shared Plan.