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Tesco Mobile 4G Coverage and Network Review

24th March 2017

Tesco Mobile Network Coverage

Tesco Mobile is an MVNO that uses O2. Because it uses O2’s towers it doesn’t need to worry about infrastructure of its own. As such you can also look at O2’s progress to get an idea of Tesco Mobile’s.

O2 currently has 4G coverage for over 78% of the UK population and aims to ultimately have at least 98% population coverage.



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Tesco Mobile has almost 100% population coverage with 3G and 2G, so you’re almost certain to get a signal. Speeds are variable though and as an O2 MVNO its 4G coverage currently stands at over 78%.

Network Type Coverage by population
4G  78%
3G 98%
2G 99%

Use Tesco Mobile’s coverage checker below to find out more about Tesco Mobile's coverage in your area, including signal strengths and details on both indoor and outdoor coverage.

4G from O2 and by extension Tesco Mobile is now available in thousands of UK towns, cities and villages.

The major towns and cities include but are not limited to: Antrim, Bradford, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bridgend, Brighton, Burnley, Castleford, Coleraine, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Leigh, Liverpool, Livingston, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, London, Macclesfield, Newtownabbey, Nottingham, Nuneaton, Pontypool, Poole, Portsmouth, Reading, St Albans, Sittingbourne, Southampton and Tamworth.

Recent locations to get an O2 (and by extension Tesco Mobile) 4G upgrade include: Callington, Wick, Crediton, Swimbridge, Hallbankgate and Aberchirder.

Network Speeds and Frequencies

As an O2 MVNO, Tesco Mobile uses standard 4G, which is roughly 5 times faster than a standard 3G network. Tesco Mobile’s average 4G download speed is 18.48Mbit/sec, while its average 4G upload speed is 9.40Mbit/sec. That’s not the fastest, but it’s still speedy enough to seamlessly stream HD content.

  • Average Download Speed: 18.48 Mbit/sec
  • Average Upload Speed: 9.40 Mbit/sec

Tesco Mobile uses the 800MHz band for 4G. This band is long range, so it can travel a long way between masts, but it’s also good at passing through the walls of buildings. Those two abilities combine to make it well suited to both urban and rural locations.You can find in depth details of this band and others in our 4G frequencies guide.

  • 800MHz used for 4G
  • 900MHz used for 2G/3G
  • 1800MHz used for 2G
  • 2100 MHz used for 3G


Tesco Mobile offers Pay Monthly, SIM Only and Pay As You Go plans and all of them come with 4G at no extra cost. You can see more in depth details of each plan type below.

Pay Monthly Phone Plans



Max Data Allowance


Contract Length

24 Months

Tesco Mobile’s Pay Monthly plans are all 24 months long, but they come with a wide range of allowances, topping out at 30GB of data each month. You can use as much of that data as you want for tethering.

SIM Only Plans



Max Data Allowance


Contract Length

1 or 12 Months

Tesco Mobile has a wide range of SIM Only plans, with both 30-day and 12-month plans available and data limits ranging from 100MB to 30GB. The shorter length makes them more flexible than Pay Monthly plans, and as you’re not getting a phone with them they’re also cheaper. As with Pay Monthly, any or all of your data can be used for tethering.

Data Only Plans – For Tablets and Dongles

Tesco Mobile doesn’t currently offer any Data Only plans.

Pay As You Go

Tesco Mobile has a range of money-saving Rocket Packs available, all of which last one month and automatically renew. A breakdown of the Rocket Packs can be found below.

Bundle Cost

















500 2GB 5000


1000 3GB 5000


2000 4GB 5000

Additionally, Tesco Mobile has other affordable bundles containing just data, just minutes or just texts, and Tripe Credit tariffs which triple your credit when you top up £10, £15 or £20.

That free extra credit is available once a month and lasts one month. It’s used before any paid top up. You can’t both be on a Triple Credit tariff and use Rocket Packs at the same time.

Tesco Mobile will also give you a free bundle of either 500MB, 150 minutes or 5000 texts when you top up £15 or more in one go.

Outside your bundle you’re charged 25p per minute, 10p per text and 10p per megabyte.

Tesco Mobile Roaming Destinations

Tesco Mobile doesn’t currently offer free roaming on any of its plans, but using data in the EU will cost just 4p per megabyte.


Tesco Mobile has a wider range of Pay As You Go options than most networks, with bundles and plans to suit almost any type of user, as long as that user wants to pay as they go.

Its Pay Monthly and SIM Only plans aren’t quite as versatile but they still provide a decent number of options and are competitively priced.

With tethering allowed as well, Tesco Mobile is a strong network, but be aware that none of its plans let you roam abroad for free and its 4G coverage can’t match EE, Vodafone or MVNO’s which use infrastructure from those networks.

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