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Tesco Mobile 4G Coverage and Network Summary

1st November 2016
Tesco Mobile Network Coverage by population
4G 78% UK
3G 98% UK
2G 99% UK
Check Tesco Mobile coverage in your area:

Updated: November, 2016 

Introduction to Tesco Mobile 4G

Tesco Mobile is an MVNO that uses O2. Because it uses O2’s towers it doesn’t need to worry about infrastructure of its own. As such you can also look at O2’s progress to get an idea of Tesco Mobile’s.

O2 currently has 4G coverage for over 70% of the UK population and aims to ultimately have at least 98% population coverage. Or, viewed another way, OpenSignal users on O2 have a 4G signal 55.97% of the time. By extension Tesco Mobile should have the same.

Tesco Mobile 4G Network Overview

Types of 4G from Tesco Mobile:

  • 4G - Typically 5 times faster than a standard 3G network.*

Tesco Mobile offers 4G that is around five times faster than a standard 3G connection. *4G speeds will vary depending on location and number of people using the service.

Network speeds and capabilities

Avg. 4G Download Speed 18.48 Mbit/sec
Avg. 4G Upload Speed 9.40 Mbit/sec

Network Frequency Bands

800MHz (4G)
900MHz (2G / 3G)
1800MHz (2G)
2100MHz (3G)

4G from Tesco Mobile uses the following network frequencies:

  • 800 MHz (0.8 GHz)

Find out more about 4G frequencies in the UK here.

Tesco Mobile only has access to 800MHz spectrum, which can travel over long distances, so it’s good for bringing 4G to secluded, rural spots and for widespread coverage in general. It’s also adept at passing through walls for good indoor signal. But it doesn't have as high a data capacity as some of the other frequencies, so theoretically it could fare worse in busy areas.

Roaming destinations

Tesco Mobile allows customers to roam in the EU using their monthly allowance, plus 4p per megabyte of data, 4p per minute and 1p per text.

Tesco Mobile 4G Coverage

Check coverage in your area here.

Tesco Mobile shares coverage with O2, which currently has 4G in over 600 large towns and cities and thousands of smaller towns and villages. However the network hasn’t provided a full list of locations with 4G, instead directing people to its coverage checker to see if they can get 4G in their postcode.

Examples of places which do have 4G include Antrim, Basildon, Belfast, Bradford, Birmingham, Bridgend, Brighton, Burnley, Cambridge, Canterbury, Chelmsford, Coleraine, Colchester, Coventry, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Leigh, Liverpool, Livingston, London, Macclesfield, Maidstone, Manchester, Newcastle, Newtownabbey, Nottingham, Nuneaton, Pontypool, Poole, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Sittingbourne, Southampton, Southend-on-Sea, St Albans, Swansea, Tamworth, Winchester and York.

Recent locations to get an O2 and by extension Tesco Mobile 4G upgrade include:

Crick, Burton upon StatherBarton-upon-Humber, BraemarWhitehead, Clehonger, Crewkerne, Ilminster, Swarland, Westruther and Winterbourne.

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