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Sony Xperia X Compact
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Sony Xperia XA Ultra
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Sony Xperia E5
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Sony Xperia XA
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Sony Xperia X
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Sony Xperia XZ

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History of Sony phones

Sony is a tech giant, with its fingers in not just smartphone but also TV, entertainment, camera and computing pies. And even sticking just with the mobile side of the company there’s a lot going on, with Sony launching more flagship phones than most rivals.

Yet despite this its smartphone business has struggled in recent years, against the might of Apple and Samsung, and the rise of Chinese rivals. But that’s not for lack of trying, with Sony reliably launching some of the best phones of any given year.

Why we love Sony phones

There’s a lot to like about the company’s handsets, starting perhaps with their water and dust resistance. This is a feature that some other manufacturers are starting to adopt, but it’s still rare and Sony’s been doing it for years.

Sony phones also typically have good audio, both through the internal speakers, which often have stereo sound, and through headphones, through which Sony’s handsets sometimes allow for lossless sound.

Sony phones tend to have very long lasting batteries too, regularly lasting up to two days of mixed use.

And Sony usually equips its phones with high-end cameras, particularly notable for their high megapixel counts.

Latest Sony phones

The Sony Xperia XZ is the company’s latest flagship – a phone with lots of power, a stylish and water resistant build and a top-flight camera.

Device name

Release date

Xperia XZ

October 2016

Xperia X Compact

September 2016

Xperia XA Ultra

July 2016

Xperia E5

June 2016

Xperia X Performance

June 2016

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