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EE SIM Only Deals

  • Save on a contract SIM Only deal on EE network
  • Huge choice of great value plans
  • Choose from a 12 month or 1 month rolling contract
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Why choose EE SIM-only?

EE has more 4G coverage than any other UK network, with 99% population coverage and 75% coverage of the UK geography. It also has plenty of 4G spectrum, so it can handle even the most data-hungry users.

If you opt for a SIM-only contract on EE you also have enhanced flexibility, with 30-day and 12-month options available.

Added extras

Currently EE offers six months of Apple Music absolutely free to anyone starting a SIM-only plan. But that’s not all, after being on an EE SIM-only plan for six months you’ll get £20 off the cost of a new phone.

Some EE plans also include free access to BT Sport, plus superfast double-speed 4G, or even faster 4G+, and all plans support Wi-Fi Calling, so you can stay in touch even if there’s no signal.

Data roaming

EE Extra SIM plans come with unlimited minutes and texts when you’re in Europe. You can also use your data allowance at no extra cost on these plans.

Other plans and locations allow roaming through an affordable add-on.


Tethering is included on all EE plans as part of your data allowance, so you can get other devices online at no extra cost.

How can I keep my number when switching?

First, call up the network you’re leaving and request your PAC code. You then need to activate your EE SIM card and fill out a number transfer form. If you submit the form before 5:30pm the transfer should happen the next working day.

Which size SIM will I get?

EE will send you a Multi SIM, which holds all three SIM card sizes (standard, micro and nano). You just need to pop out the one that’s the right size for your phone.


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