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How To Make Your 4GEE Mobile Data Allowance Last Longer

30th November 2012

If you are thinking of buying a 4G phone or 4G dongle from EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) and have done some research you may be concerned about the amount of 4G mobile data offered per month. The lowest 4G price plan offers a miserable 500MB of data per month for £36 per month but does include unlimited mobile phone calls and texts.

To put this into perspective with 500MB of data per month you can download just twelve high quality sound tracks or just one HD video to use up your whole monthly allowance. Another way of looking at this is that you can visit around 1,500 website pages per month ( but do nothing else as the 1,500 pages use up the full 500MB ). EE has recently increased the amount of 4G mobile data you can use per month for mobile broadband users but the allowance for 4G smartphone users remained the same.

EE have been criticised since the launch of 4G for their pricing structure by many in the industry and this includes 4G.co.uk who feel that the way to ensure the maximum take-up of 4G monthly contracts is to offer unlimited 4G mobile data allowances - at least for the pricier monthly contracts. The best way to make sure your 4G mobile data allowance lasts as long as possible and you don’t need to buy more 4G data via costly add-on packages is to take full advantage of the free Wi-Fi from EE.

It’s interesting to see that EE have now produced a series of videos for each 4G phone in the 4GEE store which shows how to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi via BT and how to set-up a "4GEE Hotspot". The 4G hotspot provides 4G mobile broadband for up to five other 4G phones or dongles.

The method of switching on Wi-Fi or enabling your 4G phone as a “4GEE Hotspot” is basically the same for all 4G phones on EE so we have added the video for the 4G Samsung Galaxy S3. This offers a clear and well informed guide for those who need a little help with setting up their 4G phone.

4G will look out for more 4G phone and 4G dongle tips from EE and post these as soon as we hear of more useful 4G information.

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