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Ashbourne will soon be getting 4G from EE

23rd November 2015

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EE customers in Ashbourne haven’t had much luck lately. Not only does the area lack a 4G service, but there have been a number of signal issues this year.

But the most recent of these was in service of a good cause, as the Ashbourne News Telegraph has learned that EE has been upgrading the town’s transmitter in preparation for the roll out of 4G.

Sadly, no timescale for the 4G roll out has been given, but we’d expect it will arrive before too long and the upgrade work will also improve 3G signal, for all round better service.

O2 has already brought 4G to Ashbourne and so has Vodafone, so once EE joins the party it will just be Three with no 4G coverage in the area.

Ashbourne isn’t the only place that will be benefitting from 4GEE, as the network has the most widespread 4G coverage in the UK, with coverage reaching around 93% of the population.

The network is showing no sign of slowing down either, as it’s continuing to expand its coverage and increase its speeds, with initiatives like double speed 4G and 4G+.

It’s unlikely that Ashbourne will see any of these speed hikes any time soon given that it doesn’t quite even have standard 4G yet.

But a normal 4G service is still a big improvement and will allow residents and visitors to the area on EE to download and upload files far faster than ever, stream high quality audio and video, and work, with everything from email to video conference calls being possible.

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