November 1, 2016

O2 4G Coverage and Network Summary

O2 4G Business

Updated: November, 2016

Introduction to O2 4G

O2 launched its 4G mobile network on 28th August, 2013 when its coverage was limited to London, Leeds and Bradford. It purchased the third largest amount of 4G frequency spectrum in the UK’s 4G auction but only came away with one licence.

It now has over 70 percent population coverage and it’s the only operator with a regulatory requirement to reach 98 percent indoor population coverage by the end of 2017. According to OpenSignal, O2’s customers can get a 4G signal 55.97% of the time.

O2 4G Network Overview

Types of 4G from O2:

  • Standard 4G – Typically 5 times faster than a standard 3G network

 4G from O2 uses the following network frequency:

  • 800 MHz (0.8 GHz)

Find out more about 4G frequencies in the UK here.

O2 4G Coverage


4G from O2 is now available in well over 6000 UK towns, cities and villages.

The major towns and cities include but are not limited to: Antrim, Bradford, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bridgend, Brighton, Burnley, Castleford, Coleraine, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Leigh, Liverpool, Livingston, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, London, Macclesfield, Newtownabbey, Nottingham, Nuneaton, Pontypool, Poole, Portsmouth, Reading, St Albans, Sittingbourne, Southampton and Tamworth.

Recent locations to get an O2 4G upgrade include:

Crick, Burton upon StatherBarton-upon-Humber, BraemarWhitehead, Clehonger, Crewkerne, Ilminster, Swarland, Westruther and Winterbourne.


O2 in depth coverage guide
For deeper insights into O2’s 4G footprint, speeds and reliability on both a local and national scale head over to our O2 4G: Speeds and footprint guide.

Use O2’s coverage checker to find out more about O2’s 4G coverage in your area, including signal strengths and details on both indoor and outdoor coverage.

Roaming destinations

Pay Monthly O2 customers will be able to spend just £1.99 per day to use data in most of Europe. Available destinations include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Monaco, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Vatican, San Marino, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

However speeds are capped at 3G and calls and texts will still cost extra.

Latest O2 4G News

  • http://N/A Luc Sidebotham

    I just checked the O2 website for 4G in Burnley and it says it is not available yet, the map shows no 4G anywhere near Burnley…

  • Leo

    And you expect us to believe this? You can stand in the middle of Exeter high street and get no 3G, let alone 4G – as agreed by the O2 shop assistants there, who look embarrased by O2’s lack of interest in investment outside the south east. Outside of the towns in Devon and Cornwall (ie >90%) you can pretty much forget about mobile data useage altogether, which is the only reason for buying a smartphone. Still 15 months to go on my contract until I can migrate to a proper network provider. Hey O2, you suck.

    • Andrew

      I also get no 3G in Exeter High Street. I never have done with 02. Luckily i don’t go into town that often but it is annoying when you can’t check the football scores on a saturday until you have left the town centre!

      • James

        Many O2 customers I’ve spoken to across the country have had similar issues with O2. Speaking to one of their cooperate team, in simple terms, many of their 4G masts and rollout have knocked out their 3G masts.

        3G went down in Exeter about 3 years ago. Don’t live there anymore, but sad to see its still not been fixed.

    • Womandrogyne

      I get 3G on the High Street in Exeter no problem – it depends where you are on the high street, of course (nearer John Lewis is better). Will we see 4G here any time soon?

      • childofkorn

        I got told by the O2 shop 6-8 weeks

  • nigel

    No 4g in Tamworth!

    • Kaz Mcvey

      None whatsoever

  • Carol

    When is 4g going yo come to Wales? I can’t believe how backward O2 are compared to EE.

    • Kevin

      4G is starting to roll in Cardiff. It should be complete by the end of the year if the rumour mill is to be believed.

    • C handra B

      O2 has 4g in some areas of Cardiff and Bridgend

  • Dave

    4G in sittingbourne? I live near the town centre and i’m lucky if i can get a decent 3g signal.. Hell even my signal for making calls and texts is pretty shoddy in this town and it’s not just me a few friends that still remain on 02 have the same issue.. 14 months left on contract then I migrate to (probably) EE

  • andy barker

    that above which stats which towns have 4g is a farce, no where near pontypool has 02 4g, only ee have 4g in this area and i work for tesco mobile btw

  • Herman

    I’ve got a iPhone 5c and it looks like it is not able to connect to the 4G network.

    Read on the internet that this might be caused by the fact that the 5c can only handle 800 Mhz 4G and that some providers transmit on the 1800 Mhz frequency. Does O2 is using the 1800 Mhz?

    Could this be true? Do I have to buy the 5S or a 6(+) to have the benefits of 4G?

    • Tank

      There are limitations with the older phones, however may I suggest a Blackberry Z30 or Blackberry Passport instead of an i-brick 6. Better in so many ways..

    • matt

      The 5c supports both 800 and 1800MHz.

      O 2 uses 800MHz. Are you definitely on a 4G plan?

  • Carl

    i got samsung 4 from car phone warehouse with 02 and they said I’m on a 4G tariff , but no chance as 02 don’t have 4G coverage in Cardiff ,!!!! , but paying for it , not happy

    • Kevin Thomas

      It looks like just Bridgend and Pontypool have 4G your way, but as you say not Cardiff nor Newport or Sawansea.

      • C handra B

        Bridgend coverage is patchy, town centre nil, brackla side both indoors and outdoors

    • C handra B

      Hi Carl,
      I get 4G coverage in Canton area of Cardiff

  • James

    Telford, west midlands and I struggle to even make a call lately. Rarely get 3G and no sign of 4G in a town with 200k residents. O2 you need to get a grip not only are you loosing potential new customers who go to other more reliable networks, but you are also losing the ones you have , because you are failing to provide a basic service that we all signed up for and were promised! Act now or go bust you have too much competition and are being left behind.

  • Stephen

    02 have just launched in Aberdeen this week, along with Vodafone. Masts are still being upgraded but coverage should be widepsread in the city (none in the shire) once they have all gone live.

  • Dave

    It shows in the list 4G in Sittingbourne, where abouts do I have to stand to get it?
    Also the A2 from Sittingbourne to Rainham shows 3G coverage, do I need a 20ft mast on my car to get it?

  • John Powell


    I have been on 02 for a number of years and have always been happy with the network until about 12 month ago. I noticed no 3g signal where I lived and I reported this. I was advised my phone was the cause so I purchased the new iPhone 6plus and went onto a 4g tariff. I quiried with the shop saying I have no 4g signal and was told it was in progress but they did not know when 4g would be available in Cardiff. 4g is not too much of an issue if I have to wait but for some reason the network coverage for 3g and speed has dropped so badly I can no longer use my data in Cardiff. My phones been confirmed as working fine so it is the network at fault. I can confirm there is 4g in some parts of Bridgend. However this is patchy and your lucky if you get a 4g signal. Does any one else have issues where your phone shows as a 3g signal but you don’t get any data transfers and a speed test fails.

    • Gary Irving

      Just turn the 4G off, simple

  • Chan der

    I suddenly started getting O2 4G at home in Bridgend, South Wales previously it was just EDGE. Happy days;)
    Network check however says no 4G for bridgend post code. However town centre has no 4G hence patchy coverage I guess.
    For the record O2 4G is available in Canton area of Cardiff, outdoors only(I work in Canton that’s how I know)

  • John

    Was sold a s5 by o2 shop in town centre in June told 4g was cumming to Telford in September no here yet Dec 14 another laying sales man O2 data coverage os tolal crap mit if luckey see it before the next decade

    • Griffinjar

      I think you could do with a hand with your spelling.

  • Roger

    Nothing in Tonbridge as of Jan 2015 even has poor 3G where I am

  • Andy-Saxon

    Anyone got a clue when O2 4G will be hitting Blackpool..??

  • Neal

    Do you know when 4G will rollout in Milton Keynes ?

  • jacky

    Iv had a 4G phone for nearly 3 years and it’s still not in Northumberland, o2 is a big company and should now be in most areas this is 2015 and I’m still buffering in areas of my town

  • Martin

    The 02 coverage checker is useless. It shows 2g, 3g and 4g at the same time. So if it’s blue it means good coverage indoors, but good coverage of what? 2g? 3g? 4g? I want to know what the 4g coverage is, so why not show a different colour for each standard, like for example ee does on their coverage map?

    • David

      Click on the 4g symbol and you see just the 4g coverage

      • Martin

        Ok got it, thanks. I just realised you have to search a location first. You can’t just zoom straight in on your location on the map.

  • TJ

    O2 are disgusting. 18 months since I bought a 4G phone with them still no 4G in Chester. They don’t seem to want to publish a programme, I keep getting fobbed off by the shops. Last update was 4G in January, but didn’t say which year. have written to o2 many times. No reply. Customer service = 0. Will vote with my feet when my contract ends..

  • freethinker14

    I discovered to my horror that my new iPhone 6 pay as you go monthly handset is locked into O2 for 12 months. I paid for the phone – its 100% mine – but because I activated a SIM on their network I am locked in for 12 months. So I am now locked in for 12 months even though I am pay as you go. Utter disgrace as this was not highlighted to me when I bought the phone and most other providers do not do this.

    I tried to switch to EE as their 4G coverage is far better and now I have to wait until December. I will be leaving O2 at that time never to return.

    • Martin

      This doesn’t sound right to me. As you say, you’re payg so have not signed up to a minimum term contract. You shouldn’t be forced to stick with a provider for a length of time. Have you tried another sim in the phone? I’d get on to O2 if I were you if you haven’t already done so. If you have and have not had any joy, just pay £1.99 for an unlock code.

      • Gary Irving

        Ok, 1. The above is garbage as you cant “Buy” an iPhone unlock code for £1.99, its supplied by Apple via the network. 2. O2 will unlock any Apple device, at anytime of your contract simply by filling in the online form, however, you need to prove ownership so that may actually be the problem here…..

  • Bob

    I’m lucky, I get 4g from O2 where I live in Clacton on Sea. They put in a new transmitter a few weeks ago and now I can get d/load speeds up to about 42meg. The thing is, where I work 30 miles away in Ipswich which is about 4 times bigger than Clacton, the mobile data coverage is virtually non-existent. I can barely get online at all, let alone get 4g.

  • Don Connery

    I’ve barely even got fricking 3G where I am, been promised it’s coming soon. 3 years later……

  • John Downing

    Iv got 3 iPhones with O2 and I find there 4g terrible , it takes so long to connect that it’s not worth paying for , 3G is a hell of a lot quicker , it’s like being in grps and Iv got masts everywhere

  • Anthony

    When is 4g coming to Exeter ?

  • Mykkk ~ !

    Its July and 4G is NOT available in Burnley on O2 still.. Fine with EE etc though, O2 have disabled 4G in Burnley they say.

  • Stu

    O2 in Nuneaton does not have 4G!!
    It struggles in most areas of the town to get a decent 3G signal.
    Where I live, 2G is the norm. Very poor service here from O2

  • surethom

    The O2 coverage checker is so misleading, it says good indoor & outdoor for voice & text, but 50% of the time, Emergancy call only,
    3g says good outdoors, False, only get 3g 3 miles from house nearer Wrexham Town center.

  • Harry

    Update the article. O2 use 1800 too now, allowing for 4G+

    • Ibster

      This is very True Harry, but i don’t think they even know in what parts of the country o2 has switched it on. If you have some additional info via links, you may want to send it to them as it will benefit a lot of people…

      • Harry

        Sorry don’t have any links for it. Surprisingly, they seem to use 1800MHz in small towns as well as the cities though and they seem to be expanding rapidly with it

        • Yan Huang

          It’s just a software/configuration update, so there’s very little work to be done and doesn’t even require an engineer to go to the site. They’re only using it where the hardware already exists, and it just needs a switch flipped. The main factor limiting the speed of rollout is the refarming of 1800 spectrum which means all existing 1800Mhz 2G sites need to be modified.

          What really surprises me is the fact Vodafone could have done the same but haven’t bothered at all, nor have they deployed any 2.6Ghz anywhere in Scotland (that I know of). Typical waste of spectrum…

          • Harry

            Vodafone have huge 2100 and 1800 coverage now, along with 2600 growing in major cities. 2100 far more present and it is often 10mhz bandwidth now

          • Yan Huang

            Vodafone have no 2100, 1800, or 2600 coverage anywhere in Scotland.

          • Harry

            2100 and 2600 is live in Glasgow and Edinburgh…

          • Yan Huang

            Wrong, it isn’t. They haven’t even been granted permission to put the equipment in yet.

          • Harry

            So how am I getting speeds of 130mbps+ then? 75 is max speed on 800 only. Check your facts

          • Yan Huang

            Same way I’m getting speeds of 1000mbps+. (P.S. 130mbps = 0.0.00000013 megabits per second, I can do that on 0G) We know you like lying, like you’re doing in the other thread, so if you want to disprove me so bad, why don’t you post the eNB ID and NGR of any Vodafone 1800, 2100, or 2600 LTE cellsite in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, or Dundee, along with a screenshot proving you’re connected on one of those bands?

          • Harry

            Don’t be picky. I don’t understand why you’re so against Vodafone and Three. I’m not always in those cities so not in a position to gather such information so easily. The way I use to check is the hidden menu (LG phones) . Says everything you need to prove it. Why can’t you accept it that they’re doing well?

          • Yan Huang

            I’m not against anyone. This is an O2 thread and I’m stating facts, which you seem to enjoy denying. The local planning SMEs say you’re spouting a load of rubbish, and I’m more inclined to take their word than some kid on the internet who thinks he knows better than INDEPENDENT network planners because he dun some speed tests and found a hidden menu on his phone.

          • Harry

            Well maybe you need to do more research. Speeds above 80 meg are simply not possible on 800 alone. When my phone tells me I’m using certain bands it’s reliable considering other users get the same results at the same locations. Go and test for yourself on a cat 6 or 9 enabled phone.

      • Yan Huang

        In Edinburgh they’ve switched it on anywhere they can – on any mast that already has a separate 1800-2100 antenna installed, basically anything that’s not a streetpole. Aberdeen seems to have none so far.

  • Kevin Leight Hill

    its says i have 4g were i live witch is a load or bollix never bn able to get it can get in next village over but not this one

    • Harry

      Probably your phone.

  • Joe Civil

    When is 4G coming to Abergavenny, South Wales?? Says I am in a 3G area but as soon as I leave the house, barely anything! Anyone know of any hints that i can do on my phone that might help??

  • Hyper

    I can’t believe O2 still don’t have any 4G partnerships abroad. O2 and Three are the only 2 networks that still haven’t pulled their finger out. It’s an absolute nightmare to use 3G in Europe it almost seems since 4G was introduced they all enabled QOS to limit more bandwidth to 4G. I received speeds of 15-40kbps tops on 3G in Poland, Austria and Germany were slightly better.

  • Steve Guy

    O2 also have 4G on 1800mhz, which seems to have escaped you guys?

  • breeze 147

    I agree if your not in a city or big town rural people get screwed every time just look at digital TVs that’s the same it’s shameful