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Vodafone Sure Signal Premium Brings Reliable 4G Coverage to Workplaces

11th February 2014
Vodafone Sure Signal Premium

It’s not unusual to think of a mobile phone as something which is mostly used outside, but in fact roughly two-thirds of mobile use is indoors, which makes reliable indoor coverage essential.

With that in mind Vodafone has developed Sure Signal Premium. It’s a service which can be installed in workplaces as easily as Wi-Fi, connects to the Vodafone network and provides reliable and consistent voice and data services, giving users seamless 3G and 4G coverage throughout their workplace.

Sure Signal Premium self-configures, making it incredibly easy to get up and running and it ensures that employees will always have signal and data connections and in turn always be available, no matter where in the building they might be. The benefits to business of such a service go without saying, particularly the consistent access to superfast 4G in every room, corridor and corner of a workplace.

Fergal Kelly, CTO at Vodafone UK said "the rise of the smartphone, mobile apps and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace means high-quality, high-speed indoor coverage is no longer just a nice-to-have for business. With Sure Signal Premium, large businesses can satisfy rising indoor capacity and coverage demands in a highly integrated, well managed way. This new service is just one benefit from the £900m we spent last year on our fixed and mobile network in the UK. This is one of the reasons 72% of FTSE 100 companies choose Vodafone to meet their communications needs."

Sure Signal Premium is primarily designed for large locations, with 3,200 square metres of floor space and 320 employees being the minimum intended. So it’s for medium to large businesses in other words and it can scale up to support thousands of users. That makes sense, as the bigger the business the more useful such a service would be, as having people spread out across vast offices can make communication harder.

Plus with mobile data demands likely to rise rapidly in the future Sure Signal Premium could provide the robust infrastructure needed to supply it and as this is the first enterprise grade mobile coverage solution of its kind in the UK Vodafone is ideally positioned to build on its already strong position as a communications provider for businesses.

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