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Vodafone is set to boost its 4G coverage in Portsmouth

9th September 2015


Portsmouth already has 4G coverage from Vodafone and indeed from EE, O2 and Three, but Vodafone has announced a major network investment across the city to strengthen both its indoor and outdoor coverage, with the goal of bringing 4G and 3G to more than 98% of Portsmouth’s population.

The network has gradually been improving coverage in the city over the last year and has reported that as a result of this the combined data usage of customers in the area is around 1.5 terabytes each and every day, which is the equivalent of streaming the film adaptation of Les Misérables 1,500 times.

Or to put it another way the weekly data usage is equal to browsing the internet for 420,000 hours, which is the equivalent of surfing the web for almost fifty years.

Those are some massive figures but they’re likely to grow even further once this next phase of upgrade work, which includes improvements to 100% of its sites across the city, is complete.

Vodafone is already the network to be on if you’re in Portsmouth, with independent technology consultancy LLC reporting that it has unbeatable indoor and outdoor 4G coverage in the area and the gulf is only going to widen in the coming months.

It’s not just Portsmouth that Vodafone is focusing on either, as this is just part of a £1 billion network and service investment the company is making across the UK this year alone, having spent a similar amount last year.

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