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Virgin Media Trial 4G LTE in UK

28th September 2012
[caption id="attachment_732" align="aligncenter" width="291"]Virgin Media Trial 4G LTE in UK Virgin Media Trial 4G LTE in UK[/caption]

4G gets another lift today with the news that Virgin Media Business has conducted a 4G LTE wireless trial in two cities in the UK. The 4G LTE trials were conducted in Bristol and Newcastle and 4G mobile data speeds of 90 megabytes per second were recorded. The 4G download speed was 3 times what current 3G networks can deliver.

The trial applied to both outside and inside ( buildings ) and were overseen by an independent company ( Real Wireless ). The network equipment used for the trial was what is called 4G LTE “small cell technology” and this is proven to provide much better wireless signal stability than 3G networks as well as the obvious speed benefits. This means that the 4G LTE trial performed well in both external areas such as “public spaces” and inside buildings.

The network equipment ( 4G LTE small cells ) used in the trial were mounted on street lights and these were connected to Virgin Media’s vast fibre-optic network. Based upon these 4G LTE trial results it seems that Virgin Mobile could launch 4G in 2012 as they are an existing MVNO of EE ( Everything Everywhere ) who themselves will launch 4G in 2012.

There was no news on what 4G phones were used in the 4G trial but as soon as find out we will be sure to post it.

Kevin Baughan, director of wireless, Virgin Media Business said: “We’re incredibly excited to be at the very forefront of small cell radio access network trials. In the future, cities will demand even faster connectivity and with mobile broadband set for explosive growth, small cells are offering a way forward that will rise to the challenge of super-fast connectivity on the move.

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