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Virgin Media Business brings 4G to healthcare

25th July 2014
Virgin Media Business brings 4G to healthcare

In yet another innovative example of the ways 4G can be used, Virgin Media Business in partnership with EE is now providing community health providers with 4G mobile connectivity.

In a deal worth half a million pounds Virgin Media Business Solutions has supplied Sirona (a non-profit company providing health and social care) with 4G connectivity. 1000 Sirona employees will be granted 4G mobile connectivity with devices and data plans tailored to their needs.

The devices will be connected to a new Wide Area Network being installed by Virgin Media Business which will connect Sirona’s 40 sites around the UK and enable its staff to work flexibly across numerous locations and even from patients’ homes.

Virgin Media Business claims that the new technology, of which 4G is a big part, will revolutionise the way that Sirona operates, allowing its employees to work and communicate speedily wherever they are. As well as allowing for new services such as video conferencing in patients’ homes, so they can help patients even when they can’t be there in the flesh.

Richard Tarring, Sirona’s Commercial Director, said: “One of the advantages of being a social enterprise is the opportunity it gives us to work more innovatively and respond more quickly to new initiatives as they become available.

“Releasing as much time as possible for our practitioners to provide face to face care and ensuring they have the right access to information when they need it are important objectives for us and the use of digital technology is a crucial part of helping us to achieve this.

“This connectivity boost is one of the best investments in our future we could have made, and we’re excited about the new services and improvements it will enable.”

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