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Three Set To Future-Proof Its 4G Network

10th February 2014
fibre optics 4g

With the ever growing mobile data demands of customers, 4G could tax even the biggest networks in the years to come and present a serious problem for Three, the smallest of the four main UK networks.

The good news is that Three is planning for its future, as according to mobilenewscwp, the network has inked a new five year deal with Virgin Media Business which will see Three upgrade its capabilities by connecting its backhaul network to Virgin Media’s fibre optic network.

Virgin Media’s fibre optic cables currently provide speeds of up to 120MBps, which should help keep 4G connections fast and consistent as more customers start to take advantage of it.

Virgin Media Business sales director George Wareing said “Three recognises the challenge presented by increasing demand for data from customers and is doing all it can to safeguard its future services.

Through our network, they can meet customer expectations and deliver a fast and consistent connection.”

The partnership with Virgin Media Business will also increase Three’s network capacity to 300 gigabytes, further future-proofing it for increased data demands down the line.

According to Three’s Chief Technical Officer Bryn Jones the future looks bright for the network, as he stated that “with the new high-capacity backhaul network from Virgin Media Business we are ready to welcome even more people to the Three family.”

Of course most of Three’s customers are still waiting to get access to 4G on the network, but with this partnership they can be safe in the knowledge that once 4G is widely available Three’s network should hopefully be able to cope with it and with the thousands or even millions of people that may simultaneously take advantage of it.

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