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The Isle of Wight now has strong 4G coverage

17th February 2016

4G on the Isle of Wight isn’t quite as strong as on the mainland, but it’s getting there and in fact outdoor coverage is now fairly comprehensive on most networks.

To see just how far things have come, OnTheWight has created a series of maps, showing each network’s 4G coverage.


Starting with Vodafone’s outdoor coverage map above you’ll see that there are very few gaps (with green being 4G areas and white being spots with no 4G). All the towns are well covered and it’s only the area just south of Ryde that seems particularly lacking.

Although not pictured here, indoor coverage is worse. Ryde itself lacks for that and many of the areas around Ventnor, Yarmouth and the middle of the island also do. But still well over half the island has indoor 4G coverage.


Moving on to EE you’ll see a similar picture here. Overall its outdoor coverage is slightly better in fact, with very few spots that lack 4G, though notably areas of Ventnor are among them.

Indoors coverage isn’t quite as good, but it still easily rivals Vodafone. Shanklin, Yarmouth and Ventnor all look a bit patchy, but the rest of the island is well served.


O2’s outdoor 4G coverage is again very impressive, with each and every town getting a 4G signal, along with most of the rest of the Isle of Wight.

Indoors however it’s a little weaker than either EE or Vodafone. There’s little 4G coverage around the east or west edges of the island, including Ryde and Yarmouth. Though there’s still a lot of indoor 4G around the centre of the Isle of Wight.


Three is a long way behind, but that’s no surprise as it launched 4G on the Isle of Wight more recently than any other network.

Outside you’ll find 4G coverage around Cowes, Ryde and Newport. But most of the rest of the island has to make do without for now.

Inside it’s a similar story but even more limited. Ryde looks to have good coverage, while Newport and Cowes have partial 4G coverage.

Overall though it’s a huge improvement. 18 months ago Three had no 4G on the Isle of Wight, EE only covered the very edges of the island and Vodafone’s coverage was wider but very patchy. Hopefully before long the whole island will have 4G from every network.

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