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The 4G Samsung Galaxy Camera

30th November 2012
Samsung Galaxy Camera The Samsung Galaxy Camera has been available with 3G connectivity for some time and now Samsung has announced that a 4G enabled Galaxy Camera is on the way.   Yes, the 4G Samsung Galaxy Camera can upload photos at 4G speeds and as a stand-alone 4G mobile device  i.e. without having to be connected to a PC etc. The news broke via China's Xinhua news agency who cited “users are able to upload pictures to social media such as Twitter and Facebook right after taking them directly from the 4G Samsung Galaxy Camera”.   This is a very interesting development as the 4G Samsung Galaxy Camera offers camera technology way beyond that of a typical 4G smartphone combined with the connectivity of a 4G mobile device. Of course, you can’t send texts or make voice calls ( yet ? ).   The 4G Samsung Galaxy Camera uses the Android OS and is likely to run Android Jelly Bean ( 4.1 ), come with a 4.8 inch HD Super Clear LCD (TFT) touchscreen, a quad core processor, a 16.3 megapixel camera, a minimum of 4GB of memory plus loads of features you could only find with a dedicated camera. Users will also be able to download Apps such as those for photo and video editing directly onto the camera.   One thing that 4G.co.uk soon realised was that the only way to get 4G connectivity with the Galaxy Camera will be to have an existing / new 4G mobile contract or SIM free deal from a UK mobile operator. We have heard nothing of this to date yet we can see all the mobile operators wanting a piece of the action. This can be huge in the business sector and in particular with all the professional photographers and camera enthusiasts wanting the ability to upload and download their work directly from their 4G camera onto Facebook or their own websites instantly.   "The Galaxy Camera incorporated telecommunication function into a camera for the first time in the world," Shin Jong-kyun, head of Samsung's mobile business, said at a launch event at the company's Seoul headquarters.
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