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Sony Xperia Z – Praised and Dunked

17th January 2013
It would be a surprise at this time of the year for a new 4G phone released so early in the year to be considered as one of the best 4G smartphones launched in 2013 – but this is actually possible with the Sony Xperia Z.   The Sony Xperia Z was launched at CES last week and many are classing the Xperia Z as a stunning 4G phone, so it was no surprise to hear that some of the staff at Three think it’s a great smartphone too.     Their findings are shown in the video above and this praises the Xperia Z’s Mobile Bravia touch-screen display with its display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is a first for Sony as it makes the Sony Xperia Z their first smartphone to support full HD. We noted in earlier coverage from 4G.co.uk that the Xperia Z’s display excels with its PPI of 443 which is well beyond the PPI score of both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.   It’s unusual for a flagship type smartphone to also be dust-proof and waterproof to IP55 and IP57 certification whilst retaining such a slim physique at just 7.9 mm thin and at the same time be such a great looking smartphone. The video below shows the Xperia Z being dunked in water and it clearly survives the “dunk test”. Another “strong” phone feature that the Xperia Z’s display screen posses is that it comes with "Dragontail" glass which is 6 times tougher than Gorilla Glass.     The camera can record full 1080p HDR video via its 13 megapixel camera plus the High-Dynamic Range feature ensures balancing between dark and light elements. Sony have chosen to replace Timescape with its new "SocialLife" application making it easier to keep up to date with all your social networks in one place.   A full specification for the Sony Xperia Z can be viewed here. One last feature we’d like to cover is that a stunning, powerful and strong smartphone like the Sony Xperia Z needs power and a useful battery standby time. This is why Sony have introduced "Battery Stamina Mode" whereby power is saved by switching off the Xperia Z’s active data connection whilst in sleep mode.   The Sony Xperia Z will be ready to buy in early March and 4G.co.uk will be hunting down a review copy so we can carry out our Sony Xperia Z 4G Review at the earliest opportunity to see just how great the Xperia Z is.
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