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Samsung Galaxy S4 - Sales to Outstrip Expectations

31st January 2013


Samsung has become the best selling smartphone manufacturer over the last 12 months, thanks largely to the Galaxy range of products, and this success seems to be on an upward trend. Later in the year we’re expecting the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, tipped to be the company’s most successful product to date.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 took just 50 days to hit the 10 million sales mark and 40 million within the first 7 months. Samsung are rumoured to expect to hit 40 million sales of the new Galaxy S4 in the first month alone, dropping to a regular 10 million sales per month thereafter.

The Galaxy range incorporates the S2, S3 and Galaxy Note products, with each new smartphone comfortably outselling its predecessor, and now that the grip of the iPhone (originally perceived as the world’s only viable smartphone) has been well and truly broken, this trend seems unlikely to change for the worse.

What do we know about the Samsung Galaxy S4 so far?

We’ve managed to get hold of a leaked press image (above) which shows the Galaxy S4 (or SIV as it will be marketed) alongside the current S3 model. The S4 is on the left. The smartphone will be launched with a 4.99 inch touch screen, originally thought to run at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 PPI or full HD, but may offer even better, as the Korean company has been working to increase the resolution by moving away from the standard side-by-side pixel arrangement to either a hexagonal or diamond shaped layout using their new laser-induced thermal imaging process.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will also feature Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa-Core processor, 2GB RAM and come pre-loaded with Android Key Lime Pie and is expected to have a 13 mega-pixel rear-facing camera, a front-facing 2 mega-pixel camera and should support 4G, WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth.

We’ll update you as more firm information comes in.


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