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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Leaked Photo and Better Display

28th January 2013


Rumours keep pouring in for the 4G enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 and the latest shows an image of the S4 and new information about an improved display. The leaked image can be seen above via website Picasa and displays the existing Samsung Galaxy S3 alongside the Samsung Galaxy S4 ( on left ).

We can see from the leaked image that the S4 is a shade larger and more rectangular than the S3 but still follows the curved cornering of the S3. The information leaked so far suggests the Galaxy S4 has a larger 5 inch display screen and this seems to be the case from looking at the photo.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – higher PPI display ?

The touchscreen display seems to be at the centre of more rumours suggesting that Samsung is developing some new technology for their latest displays. This centers around increasing the PPI ( pixels per inch ) for the S4 by increasing the standard side by side pixel layout to its limit. It is also reported that Samsung are using ‘laser-induced thermal imaging” processes to introduce hexagon and diamond shaped pixel patterns for the S4's screen.

If the leaks are to believed the new technology will be used in the manufacture of the display screens for the Samsung Galaxy S4 – but who knows is what are thinking. However, if this did prove to be the case then expect a display resolution of higher than the previously leaked 1920 x 1080 display resolution and a higher PPI of 441.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – the specification so far

All the specification details for the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be found here along with another earlier leaked photo. expect to see the S4 to be announced sometime around March and go on sale around April. However, there is nothing official so who knows.


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