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Samsung Galaxy S4 - 2 Different Versions Confirmed

23rd January 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 LogoThe Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently the smartphone which receives the most gossip about leaks and rumours and now another one has surfaced. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S4 attracts this level of interest because it has so many potential followers and Samsung phone owners waiting for its arrival. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been sold to over 40 million customers to-date and the Samsung Galaxy S3 hit 40 million sales in just 7 months since launch.

The latest leak comes from Japan and involves a leaked Android AnTuTu benchmark test which was displayed with screenshots. AnTuTu Benchmark is an Android Benchmarking tool used in testing new Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and covers CPU, Memory and Graphics performance etc.

The first point gleaned from the AnTuTu is that there will be at least two versions of the S4 and were labelled as a Korean and a European version to accommodate the different 3G and 4G frequency bands within those countries.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – the specification

We have previously collated all the leaked information about the Samsung Galaxy S4 specification and can be viewed by following the link. However, if the leak via the AnTuTu screenshots is believed to be true then this further firms up the specification details as : 4.99″ Super AMOLED Full HD Resolution Display, Exynos 5 Octa ( 8 Core ) CPU running at 1.8GHz, Android 4.2.1 ( Jelly Bean ) or later, Mali-T658 ( 8 Core ) Graphics Processor Unit, 13 Megapixel main camera ( 1080p Full HD Videos at 30FPS ) and 4G connectivity. feel it important to mention that the Samsung Galaxy S4 used in the leaked AnTuTu benchmark test is likely to be a pre-production or prototype version only and so the software version of Android supplied with the versions on sale may be higher.

Many leaks to-date have indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be on sale in the first half of 2013. If this is the case then its highly possible some news will break at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in February in Barcelona.

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