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Relish brings 4G broadband to London

16th June 2014
Relish 4G

Relish is a new 4G service which is about speed and simplicity. But it’s mostly aimed at a different market to traditional 4G services. You can’t get it directly on your phone, instead it’s installed in your home or office for home or business broadband at 4G speeds, while there’s also a dedicated business internet service, which is similar to a leased line, and a mobile broadband service, which requires a portable Pocket Hub device for connecting phones, tablets and laptops wherever you are.

How it really differs from traditional broadband is in that aforementioned simplicity. Relish sets itself up in minutes, with no engineer visits required. You also don’t need a landline to use it, installation delays aren’t a factor as there’s no engineer visit and the home, business and mobile services have next business day delivery and installation, so you can get up and running in no time at all.

There are other appealing aspects to it as well. The home and business services offer truly unlimited data for example, while contracts start from as little as one month, or for the mobile offering you can even pre-pay, so you needn’t tie yourself in.

Before you jump on board though it’s worth noting that Relish is aimed primarily at Londoners and in fact London is the only place where you can currently get the fixed Relish service. The mobile service is sort of available elsewhere, but once you take the Pocket Hub out of London you’ll be limited to 3G speeds, but with plans starting from as little as £10 per month it could still be worth a look.

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