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Newcastle Gets 4G Mobile Network Turned ON

4th December 2012

Up until today only 11 cities have benefited from 4GEE services in the UK, well now we can add Newcastle to the list. Newcastle joins Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Southampton in getting a 4G mobile network.

4G brings download speeds to 4G phones and 4G tablets of up to five times faster than a 3G mobile network will offer. Newcastle 4G consumers will benefit from 4G download speeds of between 8 and 12 megabytes per second. EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) has also promised to bring 4G to Belfast, Derby, Hull and Nottingham before Xmas this year. That leaves 57 cities in the UK without 4G.

We hopped over onto the EE's Facebook page and noticed of the last five guest posts 4 people were complaining of poor 4G services. Comments included “sort yourself out, your shXt, so why do you lot not work in North Wales?, its 4G launch in Newcastle and I got no service,  it’s a load of shXt and takes the piss.

Its brave of EE to allow these posts on their Facebook page yet we here at are disappointed. Firstly, 4G is launched in Newcastle but is likely not to work outside of Newcastle itself e.g. in Gateshead or South Shields and we have already seen that in other cities like Manchester, EE’s 4G service was found to be lacking. More here.

On a positive note, Newcastle is the North East's first city or town to benefit from 4G and EE has made a multi-million pound investment in its 4G Network in Newcastle. Earlier this year, EE promised to bring 4G to Newcastle before Xmas and this has been achieved. Nice one EE !

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