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New Gorilla Glass 3 for 4G Phones

11th January 2013
One of the announcements at CES was made by Corning Gorilla Glass and this is great news for forthcoming 4G phones. We know that Gorilla Glass 2 displays feature on many of today’s high end smartphones such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now we hear that Corning have improved upon this with the introduction of Gorilla Glass 3.   Gorilla Glass 3 Gorilla Glass 3 say Corning is three times stronger than Gorilla Glass 2 and this is down to a number of atomic structural improvements. Gorilla Glass 3 is "tagged" by Corning as being "Native Damage Resistance”.   "Native Damage Resistance” is the term Corning are using for the stand-out features of Gorilla Glass 3 which offer better scratch resistance, better retained strength after being scratched and, of course, is three times stronger than the current Gorilla Glass 2.   Corning are anticipating that the new Gorilla Glass 3 will first appear in smartphones from the Summer of 2103. We note that all iPhones have come with Gorilla Glass since the launch of the iPhone 4 so we could maybe see the iPhone 5S but definitely the new iPhone 6 sporting the new Gorilla Glass 3 displays. will report more as we learn more.
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