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New 4K video optimisation makes ultra-HD content more viable on 4G connections

17th October 2014

New 4K video optimisation makes ultra-HD content more viable on 4G connectionsUltra-HD video could be a big problem for mobile networks, as mobile users use up a lot of bandwidth with streamed videos and as 4K videos become more prevalent (which they’re likely to now that we have ever increasing 4G speeds capable of streaming higher resolution content) that bandwidth use is likely to skyrocket.

As networks only have a limited amount of bandwidth that can lead to congestion, but Openwave Mobility claims to have a solution. It’s developed a technology known as DynaMO, which can optimise the competing next generation video formats, H.265 and VP9, without degrading their quality.

The optimisation is so efficient that it apparently offers networks up to five times more data savings compared to previous technologies. It looks like a real solution to a real problem.

“Mobile video already accounts for over half of the data on mobile networks and HD video is going to be a major concern for operators who already have heavily burdened networks,” said Matt Halligan, Chief Technology Officer at Openwave Mobility.

“Our progress on HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) optimisation will help operators prepare for Next Generation HD video and help reduce the amount of video data traffic dramatically.”

Not only could DynaMO be a solution but it’s smart too, as it only optimises videos when networks are congested and only to the extent necessary for smooth playback.

Of course it requires networks to actually take it up, but they’ll need to find some way to cope with the 4K future and this could well be it.

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