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Marlow has been boosted to lightning fast Vodafone 4G

7th January 2016

vodafone 4g

While neighbouring towns such as High Wycombe have benefited from speedy 4G for a while now, Marlow has until recently been lagging behind.

But it’s finally catching up. According to the Bucks Free Press, Marlow in Buckinghamshire has now been upgraded to 4G on Vodafone. That allows residents and visitors on the network to speedily browse the web, stream songs and videos, download and upload content and even work from wherever they are.

It’s a transformative experience and one which was sorely needed. As the scenic town previously suffered from a number of dead spots, where there was no signal available at all.

Vodafone is working fast to bring 4G to the UK, having so far provided 4G coverage 731 large towns, cities and districts. It has over 68% 4G population coverage and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down until at least 98% of the UK population is covered.

Marlow residents can rest easy though now, as Vodafone was the last UK network to bring 4G coverage to the area, with EE, O2 and Three already providing some amount of 4G service.

Judging by their coverage maps it seems O2 or Vodafone are the networks to be on in the area now, with both providing strong indoor and outdoor coverage.

EE’s outdoor coverage in Marlow is strong but indoors it’s more variable and Three’s indoor coverage looks even more iffy, though again outdoors it should be fine. None of the networks have likely abandoned the town though, so you can expect coverage, speed and reliability to increase on all of them over time.

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