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Lost mobile devices leave business data at risk, but EE has a solution

5th April 2014


In a recent study EE has found that as many as 10 million devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, holding sensitive business data, have been lost by UK employees in the last year, leaving corporate data exposed and at risk.

With that in mind EE has developed a Super Secure 4GEE portfolio to help businesses keep their data safe and secure. It provides businesses with the tools to securely manage access to company data, such as emails and databases, business applications, such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce and LinkedIn, and any other content on any mobile devices across iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry 10.

For large and medium sized organisations there are three different Super Secure 4GEE bundles to choose from. There’s a ‘Starter’ bundle, which adds security to email and Wi-Fi, provides the ability to remotely lock and wipe devices and adds automatic password protection to devices.

Then there’s the ‘Enterprise’ bundle, which can be fully integrated with company IT systems and includes advanced security features and access control.

Finally there’s the ‘Regulated’ bundle, which is designed for legal, government and financial organisations and provides the highest level of security, giving you customisable control of devices and content along with the ability to lock down individual mobile devices.

All three of these bundles also make it easy to keep corporate and personal data separate when both things are being stored on a single device.

EE hasn’t forgotten about small businesses either though. In order to service their security needs the network has partnered with MobileIron to offer MobileIron Cloud, which makes mobile security easy to roll out and manage across multiple operating systems. It allows administrators to individually configure specific apps, devices and content or enforce policies across all mobile devices. It also makes it easy to retire devices that are lost or stolen.

All of these are new additions to EE’s Total Enterprise Mobility service, a complete business focussed solution, designed to increase workplace mobility, engage customers and increase the flow of information between machines, all of which is available to businesses now from EE.

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