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Jolla adds 4G support to Sailfish

17th June 2014

Jolla Sailfish 4G

Sailfish adds 4G support

Jolla recently released version of Sailfish and if you’re using the OS then you’re definitely going to want to hear about it.

By far the biggest of the new features is 4G support, so if you’re using a Jolla phone and have a 4G SIM card on a 4G tariff then you’ll now actually be able to enjoy 4G speeds. As 4G becomes increasingly widespread that’s quite a big deal and helps level the playing field with more established operating systems.

That’s not the only improvement the update brings though. It also enables tabs to stay in memory, so that pages don’t have to reload every time you switch tabs in the browser. Plus it adds HTML5 support to the browser, allows you to upload files through it and adds new privacy settings to it, such as the ability to clear private data.

Other improvements and new features include two-way synchronisation of Google contacts, folder support in the app launcher area, the ability to personalise lock screen shortcuts and more. The update has also fixed a number of glitches and errors that some users were experiencing and it’s increased the overall stability of the device by making it less sensitive to sudden power consumption peaks.

The update is 173MB and should be available to all users. You’ve likely already had a notification about it, but if not you can manually check for the update from the settings screen. Jolla is an intriguing, compelling OS, with a gesture based interface. It’s not widely used yet but with a few more substantial updates like this it might become hard to ignore.

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