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iPhone 6 with Fingerprint Sensor?

29th January 2013

iphone-6-with-fingerprint-sensor-3g-co-ukAfter a slow take up on the iPhone 5, Apple are expected to unveil a new model later this year. What is currently unclear is whether it’ll be an upgraded iPhone 5S or a brand new iPhone 6. Whichever it is, an analyst from KGI Securities has suggested that it will incorporate new fingerprint technology, enabling both an unlock facility and a direct log-in to the user’s Apple account. The sensor will be located underneath the Home Screen button.

The analyst is none other than Ming-Chi Kuo, the so-far successful Nostrodamus of Apple predictions. He says that this new introduction is down to Apple’s recent acquisition of AuthenTec, the mobile security solutions group.

What else is new in the iPhone 6?

Well, in common with Apple’s past lack of reliable pre-release data (Apple likes to surprise us) we have little to go on. There are strong rumours about new display technology though, much needed following problems in manufacturing the current iPhone 5 touch screen. The problems revolve around the “in-cell technology” presently in use and the promised solution of new “touch-on” display technology to be used in the iPhone 6.

For those used to the familiar black or white iPhone offerings, a pleasant surprise is in store with the release of a much improved colour range, including not just our old favourites, but also yellow, blue, pink, red, silver, green and – wait for it – purple! Now you can purchase colour-co-ordinated hat and jacket combos without looking dour (not YET supplied by Apple)!

Our last piece of news (for now) is that the iPhone5 or iPhone 6 will launch with the expected iOS7 platform. Just in case you missed it we undertook our Apple iPhone 5 Review here.

As ever 4G strives to be the first with news and more is on the way. When we get it, you’ll get it, so bookmark us now!

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