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Ice cream vans enter the 21st century with a new app

22nd August 2014
4g ice cream vans

Ice Cream trucks have stayed much the same over the years. They drive around and you know they’re there because of the loud music they play.

But now the tables have turned. Rather than them coming to you, you can come to them and hopefully beat the crowds of kids in the process, by using a new app to see exactly where the nearest ice cream trucks are.

The app, developed by O2 Business, shows the location of Tony Fresko’s fleet of 19 ice cream trucks on a map, so if you suddenly have an overwhelming urge for a Cornetto on one of these summer days you can take matters into your own hands.

The app is free and available from Google Play for Android phones, so go grab it and never be without an ice cream again. At least never be without one if you live in the Surrey area, as that’s where Tony Fresko Ltd. is based.

But the app isn’t just beneficial to customers, it also helps the company’s management. In an interview with Metro, manager Andy Newland said: “The ice cream van tracker is great for customers as they can now come to me rather than the other way around.

“But it also means that I can see where my fleet of vans are at any one time, so I can make sure we’re covering a decent area and I get the reassurance that everything is working well.”

And O2 did more than just equip the trucks with tracking software, it also gave the trucks a full ‘technology makeover’, allowing drivers to plan events, map their routes and manage expenditures, all via a 4G smartphone or tablet.

This is just one example of how O2 and 4G can help businesses, it’s just a shame it didn’t come earlier in the summer as by this point we must be running low on viable ice cream days.

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