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How fast is EE’s 4G LTE?

11th September 2012
how-fast-is-ees-4g-lte EE ( formerly Everything Everywhere which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) is calling its 4G LTE as “Superfast 4G” and has outlined exactly what this means to you and I.   EE has been planning its 4G LTE network for 3 years and involved a £1.5 billion investment into the T-Mobile and Orange 2G and 3G networks. This involved upgrades to its 2G and 3G networks and a  new 4G LTE network. The new network is called 4GEE and customers of both Orange and T-Mobile will be switched over to 4GEE by the end of 2012 whereby all 27 million customers will be served by EE.   EE continues to spend 1.5 Million pounds a day to ensure it gets a full head-start in the race for 4G and was today confirmed as the UK’s first 4G mobile network. The speed of the new 4G network is being hailed initially as FIVE times faster than current 3G networks can offer.   EE claim a FIVE TIMES faster performance based on a 1.5Mbps UK average speed for 3G ( Ofcom survey ) and a 8-12Mbps average speed for 4GEE ( survey EE ).   The 4GEE DOWNLOAD speeds are 8-12Mbps with a theoretical maximum of 40Mbps and UPLOAD speeds of 5-6Mbps with a theoretical maximum of 15Mbps.   A statement from EE sums up 4GEE as “ download without the overload”.
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